4 Reasons Natural Language Generation is Great for On-Page SEO

Is there any corporation out there that does not need sharp, tactical SEO on their website? It’s very doubtful such an organization exists, but how does a company create valuable content and make sure their SEO is on-point as well? Natural Language Generation, commonly known as NLG, is the best way to create content at scale that meets your company’s SEO goals. NLG is a form of artificial intelligence, and it consists of deep machine learning tailored by human marketing and creativity to provide the most interesting content on the planet.  This article outlines the 4 reasons Natural Language Generation is great for on-page SEO.

What is On-Page SEO?

On-page SEO is the process of optimizing each individual web page for the highest possibly ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), thereby earning more relevant traffic to your website and thus increasing your brand presence. When practicing on-page SEO, both the content of the page and the HTML source code found on the page are optimized for ranking. The ultimate goal of on-page SEO is to provide context and meaning to the search engines, giving them confidence that you are providing the best results to the keywords.

This is opposed to off-page SEO, which consists of actions outside your own website that impact your SEO rankings within the SERPs. Off-page SEO is accomplished with backlinks and other factors that prove your website’s popularity and authority to the search engines. While still a major part of good SEO practices, off-page SEO is something that is best accomplished after good content marketing processes that incorporate automated content creation are in place. After all, another website will not be inclined to link to yours unless you have good content.

Google is obviously the number one search engine to optimize for, but there are others, and all have different optimization methods. When considering on-page SEO, the following is a list of the top ten search engines in the world, according to Reliablesoft, and while Google powers dominates the market with 73% of the searches, the others should be kept in mind when performing SEO functions:


The increasing sophistication of search engines like Google necessitates highly effective on-page SEO for better rankings. Page relevance is foremost with search results, therefore the better the fit between the search query and the page delivered by the search engine, the more effective the on-page SEO practices achieved by the marketing team.

How can NLG be incorporated with On-Page SEO practices?

As the most dominant search engine in the world by a mile, Google accounts for almost three-quarters of the global search engine market share. SEO experts are continually trying to unravel Google’s complex algorithm, which changes constantly, numerous studies suggest that Google currently uses more than two hundred factors to determine website ranking. On-page SEO initiatives have proven to be very effective tools to rank better in searches, and these are the four most important:



  1. Content Length

Users are hungry for information and prefer plentiful content rather than skimpy web pages with little information. Therefore, Google seeks out web pages with plentiful content that offers insights into the searcher’s subject matter or search term. Search engines assign a much higher ranking to in-depth quality content as opposed to brief, low-quality content.

How Can NLG Help? Creating text at scale is a huge, daunting task for a writer, or even a team of writers. This is true for all types of content, including multinational corporation websites with extensive content requirements, and commercial websites with in-depth content for specific products, components, and functions. Rather than struggle with these time intensive challenges, NLG can generate lengthy and insightful texts for maximum SEO optimization.


  1. Originality of Content

Websites that serve up similar content across multiple pages will not rank well on Google. In fact, duplicated content can impede your site’s rankings. When it comes to content, unique is best for on-page SEO optimization, as it insures the search engine that the user receives meaningful results from their search terms.

How Can NLG Help? The challenge is how to present similar content in a unique way; for example, when writing about multiple items from a shared field. The only way to create the requisite effective content is to use the power of NLG to provide a unique spin on all content that it creates, even if it is using the same data set.


  1. Updated Content

Search engines like Google prefer the most up-to-date content possible, which means high-quantity, unique content must be generated constantly. This is especially true of news websites, blogs, or topical interest content, and is the case for web pages that some consider more static, such as product pages or commercial pages. Nothing could be further from the truth, product pages should be kept fresh and updated on a regular basis.

How Can NLG Help? Companies routinely struggle when sourcing skilled writers to create SEO-friendly, high quality content. Getting it done with writers first time around is a significant milestone. Repeating that all over again is a challenge for most marketing teams. Fortunately, NLG offers cutting-edge solutions for easy and effective content management, updates and tweaks. NLG easily incorporates industry nuances, inventory availability, industry trends, user preferences and other factors when creating content at scale.



  1. Keyword Rich Content

Effective keyword usage includes title tags, meta-description tags, H1 tags, and page copy keywords, among others. Keywords must be optimized throughout the text to ensure that search engines can find what they are looking for. Content writers typically insert these, but there are far better ways of ensuring effective keyword usage when it comes to scale.

How Can NLG Help? NLG is highly effective when it comes to incorporate all types of keywords in unique content generated at scale. By understanding the type of data that is required for on-page SEO effectiveness, NLG can place the keywords at strategic positions in the content. NLG understands where the keywords fit best, and optimizes for keyword density, avoiding the harmful effects of keyword stuffing.

The elements of on-page SEO

Title tags are displayed at the top of your browser in searches. Creating effective titles is no mean feat. NLG is best suited to analyzing the content underneath the title placeholders, creating the most effective title for the page. NLG is able to understand the importance of matching content with titles for maximum rankings.

Meta-descriptions are 320-character summaries of the content you find on a webpage. Most websites today fail in their basic duty to provide effective meta-descriptions. NLG is expertly suited to creating accurate meta-descriptions. Each content piece is unique and geared towards calls to action. NLG incorporates essential keywords in meta-descriptions for maximum SEO effectiveness.

Remember the days when keyword stuffing was a guaranteed way to rank highly on Google? Those days are long gone. Optimization of keywords is how to please the SERPs today. NLG optimizes keyword utilization by balancing keyword relevancy and quantity of keyword usage for maximum efficacy. The resulting content is highly interesting, without that “stuffed” interpretation that so many websites had in the old days.

Phrasetech Offers the Most Advanced NLG On-Page SEO Tools

Phrasetech is the industry leader when it comes to Natural Language Generation solutions for SEO-friendly content generation, deploying a sophisticated NLG platform capable of content creation at scale that includes powerful on-page SEO. This is especially beneficial to global corporations or large-scale enterprises with thousands of product lines, technical data and mounds of content.

It is simply untenable to expect human content writers to continually update, scan, analyze and create unique content at scale, all  while keeping it effective for on-page SEO. Trust Phrasetech’s proven technology to create high quality, unique, interesting content at scale; content that features dynamic updating, text originality, guaranteed accuracy, and human readability, all leading to optimized SEO results. No writer’s block, no subject fatigue, just a steady stream of content effectively applied to your website to increase your search traffic, your brand awareness and your sales.

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