How to automate content creation for your company?

Once you decide that automated content creation is perfect for your company, you may be unsure of where to start. Maybe you are intimidated by this new technology or feel that it is too sophisticated to fit in with your marketing practices. This article will demonstrate how accessible automated content creation is for any company asking themselves how to automate content creation.

No preparation required

One of the main things that we stress to our customers at Phrasetech is that their data is already perfect. There is no need to prepare or restructure anything to enable us to use company data in our Natural Language Generation (NLG) system to generate quality content. Working with Phrasetech is simple and accessible, with only simple decisions and information required on your part. Our advanced technology does the rest.

Why should you automate content creation processes?

Businesses continue to embrace AI technology like automated content creation to improve their effectiveness and reduce manual efforts on the part of their marketing team. By harnessing the power of Automated Content Creation offered by Phrasetech’s technology, marketers are making better use of their resources and time, achieving more customized product descriptions and articles, which help to form a deeper relationship with their customer base.

Creating content that engages customers has a significant impact on the overall sales cycle. Articles and product descriptions can be created that give a strong presence to your brand. Social media has caused a huge increase in the demand for content. Relying on human content creation to meet this demand just does not work. The content cannot be created fast enough to give your brand the high visibility that it needs to stay competitive. Enter Phrasetech, who can introduce automated content creation technology that saves significant time in creating the quality content you need.

What, when and where

The real information that Phrasetech looks for from your company is what content areas you want us to cover with automated content creation. An e-commerce company looks for articles based on their product categories, which provide reader value to their customers who are hungry for knowledge about their brand. Not only do e-commerce companies want articles created for their best selling items, they want us to reach into the long-tail and use automated content creation to draw attention to all their offerings.

Another example is a travel company, who asks us to enrich their destination descriptions, offering different perspectives based on different market requirements. Fortunately, automated content creation with Phrasetech is able to handle thousands of these descriptions in an efficient amount of time, giving control to the travel company over many different styles, tones and voices of descriptive content.

These are just two examples of how Phrasetech’s automated content creation tools are used by two very different companies to meet their individual content needs. A third example would be those customers that trust Phrasetech with the automated content creation across their entire scope of marketing.

Is scale a big company problem?

Actually, no matter the size of your business, anything other than the most basic content creation can stretch your marketing team’s resources too far. Incorporating automated content creation strategies with Phrasetech automatically gives your company, no matter the size, a big footprint by multiplying the reach and scale of your content.

No matter what size your company is or what industry sector you are in, Phrasetech is able to exceed your requirements and expectations and deliver quality content at scale in an efficient amount of time. Given the challenges your company faces to compete in the market, it is not really about whether you should use Phrasetech for automated content creation, it’s about how soon you get in touch with us so we can get started.

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