Automated Content Creation Means Full Control at Your Fingertips

Being true to the company brand when creating content at scale can be very challenging for a team of marketing professionals. Sending an incomplete, incorrect or confusing message about the company could cause you to spend months getting back on track, not to mention quite a bit of money. Style, tone and brand image all need to be kept under full control when creating content. This article will explain how you can use Automated Content Creation to gain full control of your content.

What are style, voice and tone in Automated Content Creation?

Companies must make a conscious decision on how to present their brand. Presenting a brand to the audience gives a first impression that should remain consistent to avoid confusion with further messages. By presenting the brand to the audience consistently and clearly, content marketers create brand recognition. Companies that have carefully crafted their brand recognition enjoy success through top of mind awareness. Their customers automatically think of the brand first when they need something. When using Automated Content Writing to generate content at scale, the automation tools offered by Phrasetech can be used to make sure the brand message is clear and consistent using the company’s guidelines.


This is your company’s style map for how the content should look. As an example, the spelling of certain words, grammar reminders, vocabulary and capitalization are all types of style that can be programmed into the NLG (Natural Language Generation) algorithm. Style also includes design elements such as fonts, images and logos.


This is the unique voice of the brand and includes a personality, rhythm, pace and vocabulary. Certain brands want to convey playfulness and fun, while others would find this inappropriate, depending on the type of products or services they offer. The company voice should remain consistent so that the brand message gets through loud and clear and is easily recognizable as their own.


In real life, tone is how we adjust our voice depending on who we’re speaking to and what we’re talking about. While our voice remains the same, the tone we use can refine the message. It is the same when creating content. By employing different tones to the brand’s voice, you can be empathetic to the audience when using automated content. The nuance of tone means that the content created will be more engaging.

How to structure your Automated Content Creation

Automated Content Creation should begin with a set of style guidelines, which are the foundation for creating solid content. If a company is complacent about their style guidelines, they may find their message is diluted and their audience is confused about the brand. By putting these guidelines in place with Phrasetech’s technology, a content manager holds the power to fully control the style, voice and tone and more. Guidance on text length, wording and keyword distribution, for example, are fully programmable with Phrasetech.

Set your company style, voice and tone

If you have existing guidelines for style, voice and tone, they can be fully incorporated into Phrasetech’s NLG system. If your company does not have such a foundation, start by putting down some short, definitive statements about your brand. Include adjectives that describe your brand, explain the kind of tones that different scenarios would require and provide examples. Be sure to consider reader empathy and make certain that the content gives the correct attitude for the brand. For example, a company may wish to have a calm, peaceful tone when creating content for their readers. A different company may wish to convey excitement and power with their brand.

Lastly, the guide for automated content with an eye for style should specify standard abbreviations and acronyms used by your industry or by your company. You should also work with Phrasetech to offer full control over grammar, spelling, capitalization and punctuation according to standard, correct forms. The way your company uses dates is also important; for example, European date formats show the day then month followed by the year. In the United States, the month comes first when displaying the date.

How does Automated Content Creation with Phrasetech work?

Brands that require the creation of hundreds or even thousands of pages of content can rely on Phrasetech’s advanced technology to adhere to their style, voice and tone guidelines. Using NLG technology for Automated Content Creation is Phrasetech’s specialty. We take your data and give it life, creating content about your brand according to your standards and guidelines.

With Phrasetech’s advanced technology, your content manager holds the power to controlling the style, voice and tone that will present your brand in the most effective way. Count on Phrasetech to tell your brand’s story and with full control and respect for your company’s message through their automated content. Big or small, Phrasetech uses your guidelines to create a unique brand message across all your marketing channels.

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