How is Automated Content Creation Used Online?

How is Automated Content Creation Used Online?

You have probably already read about the use of Automated Content Creation or Natural Language Generation (NLG) in the media. You may have a device in your home or office that works on NLG technology or your favorite financial column might be created by Automated Content Creation. If you have ever asked yourself how Automated Content Creation is used online, read on for some interesting facts.

Home Assistants

Amazon Echo Dot, Google Home and the Sophia robot are examples of home assistants that use NLG technology, sometimes simply called voice recognition software. Just recognizing a voice is only part of what these amazing devices do, however. Not only do they recognize who is speaking, they respond with facts or an action, according to what is appropriate. They know what is appropriate because their owners teach them as they go along.

This year alone, the forecast was for Amazon to sell 29 million units of their Echo, but they have actually surpassed that number. Sold as a virtual assistant, Echo is more than just voice recognition turned into a search command. Echo relies on machine learning to teach it to become more accurate the more data it receives. Amazon has brilliantly kept the device simple, kept all the features cloud-based and made it completely open for the addition of devices and applications.

They all work with the same basic principle:

Sophia, described as an “evolving genius machine”, is even further developed than the speaker-like personal assistants are. Sophia has even been given a human-like form, possesses incredibly expressive communication skills and continues to demonstrate to the world how AI is transforming the way we live and work.

Online use

This transformation of data into machine intelligence is also happening in the online world. For example, financial websites typically employ automated content creation technology to present stock updates. Through the use of algorithms, which are set up to constantly look for data, content such as stock statistics can be updated automatically far faster and more efficiently than a team of human writers could possibly hope to keep up with. Weather forecasting and sports reporting like box scores are also great examples of the way automated content creation is being deployed across major news websites.

The marketing world is also catching on to Automated Content Creation. For example, marketing professionals are using automated content to create subject lines or content for automatic response emails and chat-bots. With the use of AI, content such as email responses or reminders can have individually tailored messages out to customers in the blink of an eye.

Advanced uses of automated content creation include sophisticated uses such as in-depth articles, category pages and product description pages. Phrasetech is the only company that has the technology with the capability of producing these detailed pieces of content, at high quality and to scale. This level of content creation requires tools that go beyond templates or rule-based responses. They require deep understanding of the data, the subject of the content and the automated content creation system itself. They must be able to learn the style, tone and voice of the company, and they must work quickly and efficiently, creating a tangible ROI. Phrasetech automated content generation technology ticks all these boxes and more and we’re ready to work for you.



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