Is Automated Content Creation Ready for Commercial Use?

AI technologies have captivated the business world for decades, promising fast-paced advancements that will replace human workers with efficient computer systems that will do a better job in just about any field. So far, these advancements are ringing true in many areas, especially in content marketing. Nevertheless, is automated content writing ready for online publishing? Let us take a look at the facts surrounding the commercial use of AI.

AI: Artificial Intelligence

Occasionally referred to as machine intelligence, artificial intelligence or AI is the depth of reasoning, planning, learning and processing capable of a machine. The development of this technology has been ongoing since 1956 and today includes tasks that range from simple to very complex processes that mimic natural intelligence possessed by human beings.

As an example, business management relies on AI developed processes for simple tasks that assist human workers, such as the categorization and organization of email, as an example. The process behind organizing email includes simple instructions set by the user through a polished IF/THEN interface. The user would provide a set of instructions to their email system to alert them in a special way and/or flag the email as important if it is from an important customer, for instance. Basic decision management such as this is a mature technology, used in a wide variety of applications to assist human workers to be more efficient and organized.

Conversely, continuously learning AI platforms such as virtual assistants Siri, Google Now and Cortana are able to take on complex human tasks with a few verbal instructions, but must keep learning as they operate. If your office manager tells Siri to place an order for paper, further instructions can be given to keep an inventory of the paper, and to reorder when stock gets low. The VA will eventually know how to determine the lag time for shipping the supply of paper so that it arrives at the perfect time, and so on.

AI for e-commerce

The E-commerce industry has been employing AI for many purposes with great effect, the most obvious of which includes smart searches and relevance-driven recommendations. Over time, AI for e-commerce has led to richer customer experiences thanks to personalization, with product recommendations and dynamic price optimization. On the other side of this technology is what AI provides to the industry, which includes purchase predictions, fraud prevention and a host of other benefits.

Marketing with AI

Of course, automated content writing for content marketing operations has been written about many times in our own articles and is a solid use of AI in business. Further uses of AI in marketing includes language recognition of sales prospects, complex customer segmentation and data analysis, automated web design and predictive customer service, to name but a few. As the pace of development increases, more and more useful, AI based technology occurs every day in all industries.

AI as a disruptive technology

The AI market is flourishing, with numerous startups and corporations racing to acquire and implement their own versions. We now have the opportunity to discover more innovative, disruptive uses for AI technology, where it is employed across the entire organization and revolutionizes large industries. Think of the banking industry, which is on the way to becoming fully digital. Soon, the days of banking as an institution will be over, as they become companies organized more like Amazon or Google.

The automotive industry is another great example of disruptive AI technology changing that industry radically in the anticipation of self-driving cars. Car companies such as Tesla, Audi and even tech giant Google have all introduced driverless, self-driving or automatic driving cars in the last few years, with varying degrees of success.

What about Automated Content Writing?

We have given examples and a sense of premature AI technologies, as well as some that are used in daily life, but the question we promised to answer is if automated content writing is ready for commercial use. The first thing that has to be considered is how the content will be used and by whom. Content that requires personality, authenticity, originality and persuasion are not AI’s strong suit. The technology has not matured to the level that it can completely mimic a human’s writing style. AI content writing is still based on algorithms, but it is the complexity of these algorithms that determines the quality and value of the content.

The good news is that there are very efficient automated content writing tools based on AI technology that are in use on the internet. Phrasetech is the technological leader, with proven success for creating ready-to-use online content for many different types of industries. Phrasetech’s technology is 100 percent ready for commercial use, as our advanced system creates content that is indistinguishable from human writing. In fact, Phrasetech’s content is so good it passes the Turing test, which is the standard that measures how intelligent machines are by comparing them to human processes.

Commercial Use of AI Content: A Real-World Scenario

Phrasetech works with many industries from A to Z and has created content from many types of data. Narrowing down an example to show would just be too difficult, but we can come up with an illustrative scenario that provides an education of how our technology works. For this scenario, we are going to enter the world of hospitality and focus on a restaurant chain by the name of The Sushi Place, headed by Chef Kengo in Fukuoka, Japan. The restaurant chain has data that looks something like this:

Business overview data that includes all details of the chef, specialties, awards, seating capacity and more:

A food inventory and other data that is tracked by the restaurant such as number of employees, profits, sales data and more:

The restaurant chain needs two types of content; engaging articles that educate their customers on what they offer and list-based, and factual content for use on their website. Based on the data above, AI content creation technology created the following article:

Using the same set of data, the AI content creation system used a different set of instructions to create the following website content:

Why the Market is Ready

In today’s technology focused environment, corporations are gathering data at a high volume. This creates data sets that are complex and very large, too large for normal data processing applications to deal with. This phenomenon is so widespread it has a name; maybe you’ve heard of Big Data. As a corporation goes about normal business, they capture data, they store it, the analyze it and then they put it to use by searching, sharing, transferring, updating and more. The great thing about these large data sets is that automated content creation technology can put it to use in content at scale.

Big Data

Big Data is essentially a set of data that is too vast and meaningless on its own to be valuable.  Incorporating AI technology in the form of NLG and automated content writing is the only way to tap into the big data structure for meaningful content. Automated content writing systems deploy a carefully constructed algorithm as a framework and, using these guidelines, dive into the pool of big data and come out with reports, spreadsheets, analysis, explanations and, yes, valuable content for product listings, articles and more.

Think of language as a user interface – we develop thoughts and express them to others using carefully constructed language. Our voice is the keyboard and the goal is that the listener/receiver understands us exactly how we intended. This is exactly how automated content writing communicates the vast ocean of big data. Automated content writing creates information dense paragraphs of content from what is essentially a mind-blowing amount of data to a human. The essence of automated content writing is being able to handle the huge amount of information that exists in big data; the language it uses could really be anything. However, without NLG automated content writing, big data would have no value.

How times have changed

In the last 20 years or so, online companies have become very aware of the fact that content is essential to their users. Large corporations have invested a lot of time, effort and money in methods that produce content at scale and, in turn, give them the edge in the never-ending battle for the number one spot on Google through SEO practices. It takes skill, expertise and lots of time to mine through data to be able to understand what content to create. The devil, as they say, is in the details; today’s customers respond at a much higher rate when the content speaks to them personally. Content like this is valuable to them and, in turn, has a higher ranking in the search engines.

Automated content creation has finally given these corporations a powerful tool to create detailed content automatically from the huge sets of data they gather on a daily basis. The level of corporate need for content has finally been satisfied with Phrasetech’s automated content writing technology. Phrasetech’s platform creates large amounts of valuable content at scale from big data in any industry, addressing specific business goals and requirements.

AI meets BI and everyone wins

What automated content writing has accomplished is bringing together artificial intelligence, or AI, and business intelligence, or BI. When businesses automate content creation, they save time and money by letting machines perform the routine tasks of analysis, interpretation and identification of the most significant data, turning it into meaningful content. The primary benefit for any business is that the machine uses language to interface with humans, producing data-rich information instead of just statistics, which can be misread or misinterpreted. With automated content writing, big data can be assessed, analyzed and content can be created with accuracy, at scale and with precise instruction. Removing the routine tasks from humans makes them more productive and creative.

Now is always the best time

It is actually the perfect time for automated content writing to be deployed for commercial use right now. Thanks to advancements by Phrasetech, AI technology for NLG applications is strategically harnessed and streamlined. It now is able to comprehend big data and generate valuable content, insights and impactful solutions. Phrasetech’s automated content writing platform applies methods to communicate your style, tone and voice and it is off and running on your big data, creating valuable content at scale. IT giants including Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Google use similar algorithms to improve online searches, to enable voice commands to mobile services and to improve recommendations for products.


There is a lot of advanced technology that is involved to absor  b all this information at one time and draw masterful conclusions about each product and nuance of the business. The end goal, of course, is to create human-readable content that is useful for clients and compelling for their customers. Internally, it involves a set of algorithms that are specifically designed for The Sushi Place. In other words, the system can turn out commercially viable content using available data for many different industries with a bit of work before the data is involved. Keep in mind that all this happens in a fraction of the time, for much less cost than a team of human writers could perform. No matter what your industry or what you data consists of, Phrasetech is the leader in turning out meaningful content for commercial use that is indistinguishable from human writing.

Phrasetech goes further than any other NLG platform, bypassing the simplicity of a hard-coded template that does not produce quality content. Our platform was developed to be able to accept new and altered data without skipping a beat in writing your content at scale. We make sure that your customers and potential customers are satisfied with meaningful, rich content. Phrasetech’s platform is intelligent enough to make sense of big data, turning it into an impactful variety of content. If you have data, you are ready for automated content writing. Get big impact from your data – no matter the size – with Phrasetech.

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