Is Automated Content Creation Reliable?


Incorporating Automated Content Creation into your content marketing plans is exciting, but it can also be nerve wracking. The uncertainty of using bold, new technology sometimes overwhelms companies who are implementing it into their marketing. Phrasetech openly addresses questions about Automated Content Creation to overcome any uncertainty. In this article, you will learn the answer to an important question: is Automated Content Creation Reliable?

Automated Content Creation is real and here to stay. Quite recently, e-commerce giant Alibaba announced the launch of their very own AI tool for writing product descriptions. Able to create 20,000 lines of copy per second, Alibaba’s Automated Content Creation tool is an attractive way for their merchants to streamline their writing processes. Creating hundreds of thousands of product descriptions with the same reliability as human writers, Automated Content Creation is far more fast and efficient.

Alibaba’s Automated Content Creation works by using NLP and deep learning modules to scrape existing content from their e-commerce sites. The NLG module then generates content based on what the system has learned, offering a choice of ad copy the online merchant can employ in their listing. Alibaba is quick to point out that their technology will not replace human writers. Instead, they acknowledge that the data used is the result of technology learning from human created content of high quality. Without this human created content, AI content marketing creation systems such as theirs couldn’t exist.

How do they know it’s reliable?

Alibaba’s Automated Content Creation technology creates copy that passes the Turing test. The Turing test was developed in 1950 to test a machine’s intelligence in order to determine if it was indistinguishable from a human being. This widely influential test answers the central questions that make up the philosophy of AI. The key to understanding the importance of the Turing test is to realize that the test does not determine if the machine is intelligent. Instead, the test determines if the machine is behaving like a human.

What is reliable content?

Have you ever been looking through a web site and noticed a spelling error or grammatical mistake? Perhaps they used the wrong version of a word in a description. It is very possible that this content was created with a simple Automated Content Creation tool that isn’t as reliable as it should be. As a tool for article writers, simple content creation algorithms can be useful in providing rough copy, but they cannot be classed as reliable, exactly.

If you walk into a department store and see a shirt hanging on a rack that has threads hanging from it, holes in the seams, you can tell that it’s just not a quality shirt. Low-quality content stands out in the same way. If you are reading a poorly written product description or article, you may struggle to move past the misspellings and awkward tone. The impression you get of the company using this content may move down several places in your esteem.

Reliable Automated Content Creation includes three elements

These three elements mean that the reader, who is the customer or potential customer, is the priority. The marketing content must stand out and be different and original while at the same time offer a sense of control for the brand. Three elements can offer this control:


This is perhaps the most important element, as it includes spelling, grammar, vocabulary and other points that give the content a reliable appearance. Style can also include design elements such as fonts, images, logos, paragraph indentations and much more.


This is how the brand sets itself apart and includes personality, rhythm, pace as well as vocabulary. If the brand is serious and wants to convey this, the voice used in creating the copy shouldn’t offer playful statements. Automated Content Creation systems must offer a reliable voice for the marketing content.


Adjusting our voice to the audience we are speaking to is normal in real life, and it is no different for marketing content. Automated Content Creation systems should have full control over the tone of the content to create engaging, effective copy.

Companies that require serious high quality content need to make sure that their brand is presented in the best possible way. What they require is full control of content including style, voice and tone. This is especially true of companies who require Automated Content Creation at scale. Unlike simple solutions, Phrasetech’s Automated Content Creation system is proven more reliable at scale, giving companies full control of their content.

What goes into measuring reliable Automated Content Creation?

Quality assurance is defined as a system for assuring that defined standards, practices, procedures and methods of the process are applied. The purpose of measuring quality is to support the information needs of the management team and assure that the company standards are being followed in every process.

Automated Content Creation quality standards are typically user-based, in that they ensure that the marketing content created by the system be fit for the intended use. The standards build from there to provide a structure that controls the content’s style, voice and tone to the company’s specifications. Finally, the result, the marketing copy itself, is proven effective and reliable with regard to readership and customer satisfaction.

With technology built for full control over Automated Content Creation, Phrasetech maintains very high standards of quality and reliability. Phrasetech’s technology of course passed the Turing Test mentioned above.This level of sophistication insures our customers that their Automated Content Creation through Phrasetech will be of the highest reliability and quality. Using a sophisticated algorithm combined with a robust quality measurement system, Phrasetech delivers reliable, human-level Automated Content Creation even at scale. Reliable content is easy to spot and Phrasetech Automated Content Creation makes it easy to generate quality content that resonates with your audience and gives them confidence in your brand.

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