Can Automated Content Creation save your company time?

In the past, publishing or updating thousands of web pages was a daunting project. Companies would struggle to create this much content quickly and efficiently. Fortunately, Automated Content Creation has revolutionized content creation at scale. Can Automated Content Creation save your company time? Read on to find out how Phrasetech’s solutions turn your company data in to quality content with little time investment from your team.

The climate of Automated Content Creation

Automated Content Creation has become popular with many international news services to streamline the process of simple template-based writing tasks. Repetitive content writing tasks such as sports recaps, weather forecasts and quarterly earnings reports have been turned over to Automated Content Creation systems.

A great example of Automated Content Creation is a weather forecast. For example, many weather websites use this intelligence to create climate content for their readership. They are able to keep it updated in real-time and make custom editions for different audiences. These websites have come to rely on the efficiency of Automated Content Creation for simple writing tasks, freeing up their human writers for other, more in-depth pieces. Like the weather forecast example, news and sports websites are also using Automated Content Creation to generate sports box scores, earnings reports and more.

Time equals money

Employing AI services to corral big data is not a new concept, as demonstrated by the example we have given of weather forecasts, box scores and more. These news services recognize the value of time and the importance of their human writers being able to work on more creative tasks.

The exponential growth of data in quantity, variety and velocity has affected almost every company. Your ability to quickly understand what data is available and how you’re going to put it to use is mission-critical. With advanced Automated Content Creation systems like Phrasetech, your marketing team has access to a whole new resource for quality, unique content in a fast, efficient time scale.

Your content: reach, speed and depth

While the speed at which Automated Content Creation systems generate content is impressive, simple programs such as the weather forecast do not offer full control over the content they generate nor can they offer reach or depth. Your company has a need for quality content within a very limited time schedule, so what is the answer? Fortunately, Phrasetech’s innovative automated content solutions give you the advantage of time efficiency as well as full control over quality content at scale.

Phrasetech’s Automated Content Creation platform allows you to employ full control over your brand style, voice and tone even when generating thousands of articles, product descriptions and other content. Thanks to the time savings, your company will finally be able to address a valuable part of your market that most companies often neglect – the long tail. Your brand will be able to obtain the reach they need to increase success in the sales cycle.

While the time savings and reach of your brand content is important, the depth of information should not be ignored. With Phrasetech’s Automated Content Creation, you can use historic company data to offer advanced analysis and more meaning and depth to your content. Your customers and potential customers can finally have the content they have been craving from your brand.

What is the real time savings?

Most marketing professionals will agree that creating content is their number one priority. From product descriptions to articles, customers are hungry for information. The more information a brand provides, the more effective they are in completing the sales funnel successfully. The writing process for content, however, is also labor-intensive. Automated Content Creation with Phrasetech’s sophisticated technology opens the door for your marketing team to create fast, cost-efficient, quality content at scale. This gives your marketing team the opportunity to focus on the more skilled aspect of their role while relying on Automated Content Creation to manage the requirement for fresh, unique content.

Projects that are powered by Automated Content Creation vary dramatically, and therefore no claim can be made that would offer a firm figure on timesavings. However, the difference between Automated Content Creation and human writing is obvious when you consider all the requirements for content to be competitive.

With Phrasetech’s Automated Content Creation system, your company can generate quality content from mountains of data in a fraction of the time it would take your marketing team to do the same. When it comes to creating content for reaching all parts of your market in a fast, efficient way with content that is deep and meaningful, Phrasetech is the solution.

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