Should You Be Using an Automated Content Generator?


AI and automated content generators are in the news almost constantly right now, so you may be intrigued by this exciting technology and wonder if it can help improve the way you market your business. Automated content generators are extremely useful in many different industries, and work well for most types of content, so should you be using an automated content generator? Let us examine the basic facts so that you know if automated content generator technology is the right thing for your business.

To make things easy, we have distilled the considerations into three main areas you should think about when you are deciding whether or not to employ automated content generator technology as part of your marketing plans. This article will walk you through each of these areas, giving you solid information in order to determine if the latest advancements in AI, specifically NLG technology, will be a valuable part of your customer interaction. We are going to take you on an exploration of your content frequency, the scale you need, and the tone of your writing.

When considering an automated content generator for your marketing needs, it is important to understand that the core benefit of NLG is the automation of writing dense, fact-driven, informative content such as financial reports, earnings statements, product descriptions, executive briefs, and factual news or scores. Going beyond the facts into long-term, creative content marketing campaigns is best left to human writers or even a combination of humans and automation.


Professional marketers, writers and small business owners all know that the fresher the content, the higher the ranking for the search engines when it comes to a website. This is simply because search engines want to pull up fresh, relevant content for their users, so they tend to rank newly created, informative content higher. Beyond this basic SEO principal, however, is the fact that your customers and potential customers are looking to you as the authority in your industry. One method of demonstrating your authority is by publishing content that catches the reader’s attention because it is on trend and on topic and meaningful to them.

While it’s difficult to put an exact number on how often you should post on your blog or update your website content, HubSpot has conducted a study that shows companies that publish fresh content more than 15 times per month receive over triple the web traffic than their counterparts who don’t publish as often. If you are looking to generate consistent, valuable website traffic, you need to create fresh content frequently.

Frequency is only part of the equation; the quality of your content must be consistent in order to provide a valuable service to people who find you with an online search. Since frequent, fresh content that builds up a library of useful information is a benchmark that most companies need to reach, automated content generator technology can really be useful for help in creating content at scale, which is our next area of interest.


An infographic describing the benefits of creating content in high frequency


This is the age of Big Data, and it will only get bigger as companies find themselves custodians of more and more data as time marches on. Brands have to be forward thinking like never before, ensuring that they provide constant, relevant content at scale. Most companies, however, take one look at the amount of content they need to publish, maintain and control and despair of ever being able to keep up. It is easy to make the decision to reduce the amount of content, but this sabotages the company goals and dilutes the message.

Maintaining content production over the long term is easy with automatic content generator technology, as it does the knowledge extraction for you. A platform such as Phrasetech’s is able to dive into a company’s pool of data and create valuable, relevant content at scale in a short amount of time, meeting the marketing team’s frequency and scale of content goals to ensure the brand’s success.

True content scale is more than just growing the amount of content you need for your web site, product listings and articles. Content at scale means an optimized, streamlined process that can be repeated successfully over time. Automated content generator technology allows scalable content creation for any industry. The brand essentially invites customers on a journey with them, giving them a reason to look at their new content because it has such meaning and depth. To effectively communicate your brand’s offering, your marketing team needs to make sure that the tone is right, which is our last pillar of consideration.

An infographic describing the benefits of content at scale



One of the best parts of human writing is the creativity to be humorous, relatable and reader-friendly when creating content. Companies that need frequent, quality content at scale, however, often count human writers out of the equation, but there is a way that both can work together. By working in combination with automatic content generator technology, marketing teams realize they can have complete control over the style, tone and voice of their content, while achieving the frequency and scale they require. By counting on Phrasetech to create frequent content at scale, marketing teams are able to realize effective, efficient content goals.

The planning and learning phases of Phrasetech’s technology are almost as important as the creation process itself. Think of the planning and learning as the structure of the house of content. Without the foundation, walls and rafters, the house would collapse. Style, tone and voice give content a sturdy founda, with walls to guide the path and rafters to protect the brand message. Developing a content structured around a company’s style, tone and voice is step one in the automated content generation process. From there, simple alterations can repurpose the content for different audiences based on customer data like age or country.

Avoid the trap of becoming a content producer and become a true content marketer, align your content with your customers and their interests. Make your brand relevant to your readers and you will create interest and more customers that rely on your brand. Strive for a balance in creating effective content; let your marketing team control the style, tone, and voice while Phrasetech generates the content automatically, in the scale and frequency you need to be effective.

An infographic showing different tones in online content


When not to automate

NLG tools are useful for content that requires analysis of a large amount of data in a short amount of time, that is true. However, there are applications that automated content generation just isn’t the right way to go. If your content is personal, such as a film review or other type of personal point of view, automated content creation cannot match the creativity and style of a human writer. Sharing personal feelings and experiences is something that human writers excel at far more than automated systems.

Today’s automated content generator technology has far surpassed the age-old question whether machines can think or not. Thanks to AI and NLG technology, marketers can now make sense out of overwhelming amounts of data, giving customers a better experience across the board with content generated in record time. The power of automated content generator technology is changing the landscape of marketing for the better, with capabilities of frequency, scale and tone that human readers crave.

Automated content generator technology has been used, in some degree, for quite a few years. Companies like the Associated Press, Yahoo, Fox and others count on automated content generator technology to keep their content fresh and alive for their readers, which keeps their brand at the top of their customer’s minds. Let Phrasetech’s proven technology transform your data into targeted, meaningful content, a better experience for your customers and a more powerful voice for your brand in the market.

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