Automated Content is King

Marketing teams have the phrase, “Content is king!” drilled into their heads on an almost daily basis. Some marketing teams may get the message confused, however, especially if they are part of a large enterprise. What the phrase means is that content or, more specifically, text, is central to the success of any website and therefore the business itself. For enterprise companies, generating the amount of quality content they need to be successful can be daunting. This article will describe why today, for enterprise companies, automated content is king.

What Does the Phrase ‘Content is King’ Mean?

Back in 1996, when Bill Gates wrote the original article entitled, ‘Content is King’, little did he know that a short decade later enterprise companies would begin to rely more and more on automated content writing to meet the demand. Originally, however, Mr. Gates was expressing his opinion that the majority of the profitable businesses going forward would rely on the internet to make them successful, and the content used by these companies would be paramount to their reputation and success.

You see, the television revolution had already taken place at this point, and Mr. Gates noted that this industry spawned a number of other profitable business sectors. The manufacturing of television sets themselves, for instance, was an industry that boomed because of the success of the TV revolution, though that is a bit obvious. For Microsoft, their idea of content was software, which was centric to their marketing strategy no matter who they brought on as a partner. The MSNBC partnership comes to mind immediately, of course, as an example of delivering value to their customers while keeping the brand’s core message.

The long-term winners of any revolution are the enterprises that leverage themselves to brilliantly deliver two things – entertainment and information. Looking ahead in his own industry of personal computing, Gates correlated the two revolutions and described the internet as a content marketplace, poised to take over the world of marketing. He certainly was visionary, so let us explore how this has evolved for enterprises and their content requirements.

Content – What is it?

The definition of content as it applies to the new technology age is rather broad, but to put it succinctly, content is targeted information for use by a reader to achieve a specific call to action. Content is delivered through social media, websites, eBooks, print, live events or cinema, audio and television. Content, no matter what its form, needs to give value for the user and influence them in a way that is positive for the enterprise. Valuable, compelling content is at the heart of marketing strategy today.

As far as supplying entertainment or information, no company is too large or too small to participate in their own unique way. As the technology revolution evolved, it came to include everyone with access to the internet being able to supply content in some way. Additionally, content can be shared quickly and efficiently to any audience in real time and little to no cost. While the opportunities for content are endless, companies have come to realize that the quality of their content is just as important as the quantity. However, you must have both volume and value when it comes to impactful content.

Why is Content King?

Marketing strategies today are focused on content, just as Gates predicted, and thus his quote of “content is king” is often at the top of everyone’s mind. The success of any enterprise’s website depends on the quality of their content and how well optimized it is for user searches. Content marketing has made the visitor’s interest central to their strategy, replacing old-fashioned advertisements with quality content. Marketing professionals realize that user demands have evolved and they no longer pay attention to daily advertising messages that pop up on websites. In fact, among marketing professionals, this is known as banner blindness.

To combat user apathy toward advertising, enterprises now rely on their content to make their message clear to the users that find them. The content must be of good quality in order to provide value to the reader and to lead them into the next desired path in the sales funnel. Most content marketing teams focus on the following strategies to make this happen:

The content tools used to make these strategies successful include infographics, eBooks, blogs and whitepapers, to name a few. Most enterprises make good, efficient use of their content over their social media platforms, website and online retail outlets to maintain consistency and reinforce their brand. Quality content used in this way meets the following criteria:

Obstacles that often stop enterprises from having control of their content include:

The New King – Automated Content

Companies do not have to be convinced that content is king, as they have certainly witnessed it for themselves. Enterprise companies have turned to automated content to meet the growing demands of their users with an innovative content strategy. Users are more diverse than ever today and they expect quality content that relates to their interests. They want intuitive search results with valuable answers to their needs. For an enterprise that offers a wide range of products or services, this means that they need to anticipate these needs and meet them in a spectacular fashion. That is where they rely on the new king of content marketing; automated content creation.

Speed, Quality and Efficiency

Imagine improving the time it takes your marketing team to publish new content, reducing it from weeks down to mere seconds. That is the power of automated content creation. Throughout the creation process, your brand rules including style, tone and voice remain consistent, resulting in content that is more relevant and valuable to your customers. Automated content creation goes beyond static formats and enables your brand to embrace the latest digital devices for delivery and interactivity with your customers.

Phrasetech – The King of Automated Content Writing

Phrasetech has reinvented the world of content automation for enterprises, reducing cost while driving up marketing consistency and quality. We have shown companies how automated content technology increases the speed at which their customers receive their message, while at the same time gaining efficiency and creativity.

Using just about any data set your company has available, Phrasetech can exceed the content demanded by your customers without a strain on resources. From creation and management, through publishing and delivery, Phrasetech is there to streamline content processes and deliver quality content in a fraction of the time it would take a human team to create. If you are struggling to crown content as the king of your marketing, it is   time to automate your content creation with Phrasetech.

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