What is an Automated Content Writer?

Creating good online content is a very demanding part of marketing your business correctly. Making sure the content you publish on your website captures your audience’s attention and holds it throughout the message can be complicated and time consuming. The content you create must be high quality and created at a pace to meet the demand of the ever-changing consumer mindset, and it needs to be fresh and updated on a regular basis. This article will inform you of the top challenges of creating good content and fill you in on what an automated content writer is.

Content is valuable information, expressed in many different forms and styles, and containing rich, compelling insights into your business, what you have to offer and why people should transact with you. Automated Content Creation should maintain the quality of your content while at the same time providing a more efficient, more prolific source to rely on. The most successful companies in business today offer their audience content that raises awareness of their products and services. They continue their content marketing with more information that builds trust with customers and turns the

m into evangelists for their brand. Because of the demand in today’s big data driven world for more and more content, marketing professionals are turning to automated content writers to meet the needs of online customers.

An infographic showing the benefits of content marketing

Fresh Content, Hot off The NLG System

Offering one single good piece of content is not enough; companies have to keep it coming, publishing articles with hot topics and fresh takes on their brand, on a regular basis. Good content sticks with your audience and keeps your brand at the top of their mind. When they need your product or service, customers automatically think of you first, thanks to continuous content that reinforces your brand message. Do not stop there; your customers will be hungry for more content, so do not let them down. Keep building that relationship by providing good content on a regular basis.

Automated Content Creation and Automated Content Writers are the answer to high-quality content at the pace that is exactly right for your marketing. Companies that have the ability to publish hundreds or even thousands of online content pages, articles, item descriptions and category explanations, can triple the traffic to their website as compared to companies that publish fresh content less frequently. This is the power of frequent, high-quality content; your website traffic could double or even triple when you serve up regular rich content.

Build Trust with Content

Companies that are growing their market understand that their content marketing must speak to a wide mix of people. Not providing relevant content means the reader will move on to the next site to find what they want. Another challenge, along with providing frequently fresh content, is also to provide trustworthy content that meets the needs of your customer without being pushy. Building trust through high quality, informative content is a specialty of Phrasetech’s technology, which incorporates style, tone and voice to reinforce your brand message.

You would not lead off a sales meeting with a hard-sell message, attempting to close immediately but possibly turning off your customer. The same goes for your content, which must be measured and created to the customer’s point in the sales cycle. Your content should point customers toward the next step in the process of doing business with you by providing a relevant, informative source of information. More importantly, your content should be intuitive enough to match the user’s intent and give them what they want when they want it.

A funnel showing the different phases of content marketing

Optimized Does Not Equal SEO

When most marketing teams discuss optimization of their content, the first thing that springs to mind is SEO. While SEO is very important for websites to be discovered, trusted and found on a regular basis, there are other factors to be considered. Optimizing online content is an issue of authoritative information, trust and quality, all of which contribute to overall best practices in content creation. With automated content writers like Phrasetech’s, you can be assured that your content will be optimized with objective, quality content that inspires trust in your customers and forms a picture of your brand as a reliable, informative source that offers timely insight into their needs.

Establishing your brand’s authority in the market is not a sprint, it is actually a marathon. Authoritative content requires thousands of quality articles that resonate with your customers and gives a confident perception of your products and services over time. Once established, authority requires continuous streams of content to grow and reach a wider and wider audience. At Phrasetech, we strive to create a balance between providing evergreen content and fresh, newly written content through our amazing automated content writing technology.

A table showing the benefits of content optimization

Not all Automated Content Writers are Created Equal

These are just some of the challenges faced by brands embarking on a journey of content marketing. Fortunately, an Automated Content Writer like Phrasetech can ensure a wide variety of optimized content for each audience without risking repetitive messages or sacrificing accuracy and quality. Phrasetech is able to deliver high-quality information by creating hundreds or even thousands of pages of content quickly and efficiently. Phrasetech is the leader in providing fresh, quality content at scale and efficient updates to your content as required.

There has been a recent influx of Automated Content Writer services on offer, as companies grow to understand that they are unable to meet the frequency and quality required for content marketing within their own team of professionals. No other automated content writing technology can match Phrasetech’s platform, with the ability to align your brand with user intent, delivering fresh, relevant content at scale. Keyword jammed articles created for pennies a paragraph are no longer an effective way to achieve good SEO results nor are they capable of engaging prospective customers. Today’s content marketing is a user-focused experience, offering informative, authoritative content at scale and on-demand.

The leader in Automated Content Writing, Phrasetech is the solution for creating mountains of content with data you already have at your fingertips. We create high quality content at scale for any online content marketing. Our custom solutions make sure that your content captures the attention of the market at the right time, creating more sales and solidifying your brand in their mind. With Phrasetech, you can be confident that you have employed the leader in Automated Content Creation to give your brand a unique voice that compels, inspires and educates your customers.

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