How Can Automated Content Writing Improve Efficiency?

It is inspiring to think how Phrasetech’s Automated Content Writing technology will improve your content creation speed, reduce your cost and improve the quality of your content. You may be overlooking the most important benefit of all. Not to worry, we have thought of everything you need to know. In this article, you will learn how Automated Content Writing will improve efficiency for your company.

If you have been keeping up with our blog so far, you will have a basic understanding of how Automated Content Writing works with Phrasetech. We are about to delve deeper into the process so that you can form a picture of the process and understand how it will dovetail into your company workflow. Once we have been through the learning curve of getting to know your data, Automated Content Writing technology will improve your efficiency to such a degree, your whole company will be more efficient.

Content Creation Process – The Manual Way

To give an idea of how Automated Content Writing will improve efficiency, let us outline the manual content creation process, as it would flow through the marketing department. First, a discovery of the company’s needs for content would occur, with meetings to decide what content is required. From there, a strategy is designed that includes deadlines, topics, type of content and more. The next phase would be the allocation of resources, both budget and workers, to take on the content creation project.

Then creation can begin as this stage, either by professional writers on staff at the company or an outside team. The creators will be relying upon the organized strategy that came out of the planning meeting to begin researching the topics and forming outlines. The outlines go on to be used to generate the content and become drafts. From there, the draft copy can be edited by a team of professionals, who will make sure the content is correct and falls in line with the strategy plan.

Oh, but it’s not over; a large part of the editing process is to make sure each piece of copy falls in line with the company guidelines for style, tone and voice. At this stage, SEO strategy is added carefully, which seems kind of last minute, but since the creation process takes so many weeks, the strategy could have changed by the completion of the content.

Finally, it is time to publish the content and engage your audience of customers and potential customers. That was not so bad but not so efficient, with the back and forth to the writers and editors, not to mention the marketing team. Fortunately, Phrasetech can do better…

Automated Content Creation with Phrasetech

During the planning phase of Automated Content Creation, Phrasetech’s technology will be combing through your company data to learn every nuance for the next phase. The learning period may take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the amount of data you have, but during this phase we will also be putting the guidelines in place so that optimization is performed during the creation phase. Phrasetech is already making the process more efficient.

With Phrasetech’s Automated Content Creation, the learning phase includes all of the guidelines for optimization that would be done by hand if you were relying on manual content creation. Now, it is time for Phrasetech’s superior technology to make content creation, optimization easy and deliver your company high quantities of content. This is not just any content. This content is written according to your high company standards thanks to the learning phase of the creation process.

What you have at this point is a system that can continue to create updated content repeatedly in less time it would take to convene a planning meeting the manual way. Phrasetech’s NLG technology saves time, money and makes your content creation more efficient, getting you in front of your audience sooner and freeing up your staff to devote their creative energy to other things. One of our clients, a fashion retailer, just received their fall collection and needed an update of their website content in a hurry. Because the Phrasetech system had already learned their domain specifics, it was fast and easy to upload thousands of new product descriptions in the short time-frame the company required them.

Don’t spend unnecessary time on an old-fashioned content creation process. Give Phrasetech’s Automated Content Creation technology the chance to learn your company and create all the content you need quickly and easily.

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