Is Automated Content Writing Faster?

Making sure you have plenty of relevant content can be stressful. There are so many marketing tasks to complete and so little time. Meanwhile, you want to make sales and deliver ROI for your innovative product improvements and/or new products. If you are eager for some serious content to jump-start your sales cycle, you may ask yourself, is Automated Content Writing faster than manual content creation?

Speed is a benefit

Automated Content Writing technology does not take a lunch break or call in sick. Absolutely zero writer’s block has occurred in all our experience of deploying Automated Content Writing technology. Compared to human writers, Automated Content Writing has obvious advantages. It can work constantly around the clock to exceed any deadline and produce a large quantity of high-quality content.

It’s not just new content that you need to worry about. Google knows that the world is changing all the time, constantly. They want to present the most updated content possible when someone searches with them. That is why it is so important to keep your content updated frequently. To stay on top of the search engines, your brand needs to create content quickly and often.

Human vs. Automated Content Writing

How much faster is Automated Content Writing over manual writing? That is not an easy question to answer. Think of it this way; an experienced human writer, who has honed their craft over many years, will take an average of 30 minutes to research, write and edit a 500 word article.

Phrasetech’s Automated Content Writing system requires up to a few weeks to understand your domain, as well as your marketing style, tone and voice. The system is being trained to be an experienced writer, with focus on a set of quality standards. Only then will we deploy our technology to create content at scale in a fraction of the time it would take a team of human writers.

In other words, while there is a learning curve at the beginning for deploying Automated Content Writing technology as compared to manual writing, the real speed comes with creating hundreds or thousands of content pages. Human writers, at their most experienced, will still take the same half hour to create a single article. Meanwhile, Automated Content Writing with Phrasetech will take seconds for that same article. The system will work all day and night, weekends and lunch breaks, to create a gold mine of quality content.

Will my content feel real?

Leaving your content creation to an Automated Content Writing solution is a big leap, but with Phrasetech’s complex technology, high-quality content is certain. With the budget services, at best average readers will struggle to make any sense of what they read. Unless you are counting on the most shallow of customers who only skim your content, this type of service is not for you.

Phrasetech has fine-tuned our Automated Content Writing technology to produce high-quality content, unlike the “fast-food” services that are still dipping their toe in the water to see how many customers will give them a try. These services may satisfy an immediate need but they don’t provide a long term source of content you can count on.

More than speed

Phrasetech’s Automated Content Writing technology creates content that resonates with your customer. We follow your style, tone and voice to keep your content authentic and recognizable as your brand. We include the best SEO outreach to make sure your content leads customers to your brand website. Do not settle for a generic rehash of content, keep your brand integrity and work with Phrasetech to insure your content quality.

Compared to human writers, quality Automated Content Writing solutions do not necessarily have an immediate speed advantage if you’re talking about a few pages of content. However, when your company needs hundreds or even thousands of content pages, even a full team of writers cannot compete with Phrasetech’s Automated Content Writing technology. When you need quality content at scale in a short time, Phrasetech is the only place to turn.

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