Automated Content Writing – Does It Reduce Costs?

An enterprise-level company requires high-quality content in large volumes to insure a successful marketing campaign. To achieve such volumes, most corporations would need to hire or contract a large staff of trained, experienced content writers. Creating high volumes of content would normally hit the bottom line of the marketing budget quite hard, but there is an alternative to human writers. In this article, you will learn the answer to the very important question, “Does Automated Content Writing reduce cost?”

Details on Manual Content Writing

There are two ways to engage manual content writers, the first of which are in-house or full-time employed writers that are on the marketing staff. The second type is an outsourced or private contractor, who writes for the company but is not an employee. In both cases, the writers must be paid a salary or a rate. Additional costs are associated with in-house writers, who will also require employee benefits like health insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, vacation and sick time and other perks that come with full time employment.

The benefit of having an in-house writer is that they are solely writing for the brand and can take the time to make the content they produce personalized to the company. An outsourced or private contractor is typically writing for multiple clients and requires more lead-time to provide the content required. While both in-house and outsourced writers are good for small to mid-sized companies, enterprise companies would have difficulty meeting their content goals with a manual writing staff. No question about it; large quantities of content on a regular basis require Automated Content Writing technology.

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Data Intelligence

Corporations have large quantities of data thanks to various sources all working to gather it and become smarter. From customer activity to market prospecting, the data that a large corporation has at its fingertips is immense. This is, after all, the age of Big Data, where even the smallest activity becomes a cog in the wheel of information it takes to run a company.

This vast quantity of data is a goldmine for content, but it is quite an ambitious undertaking for a human writer to dive in and make sense of the data in time to write intelligent content. For example, let us consider the data that a single product has attached to it, like a pair of shoes. The shoes have a range of sizes, a variety of colors, construction materials, fastener types, and on, and on. The descriptive data on a single pair of shoes, however, can be turned into hundreds of different product listings by platforms using automated content writing technology.

Each listing will have a different style, tone, and appeal to a certain type of audience, and supply chain data can be factored in to offer content that is more dynamic. A human writer would take ages to accomplish writing this many product listings and would have virtually no ability to dynamically change the content when the audience shifted. Automated content writing platforms, on the other hand, would take mere minutes, with the product listings ready for publishing quickly and easily. Customers should not be kept waiting for content; missing their interest could mean missing a sale.

Quality Equals Time

Being able to communicate with customers about products and services that interest them is the ultimate goal of content marketing. Relying on manual content creation to make sure there is fresh, lively content to provide to your brand’s audience is risky, when you think about it. Employees leave. Freelancers get permanent work and have no more time for your brand. Phrasetech’s Automated Content Writing technology is here to stay and available 24/7 to generate great content at scale.

Time equals money and marketing professionals understand that. There is no doubt that quality writing takes time, and publishing poor quality content is not worth the cost. If you want to save time and money on content creation, you cannot ignore the benefits of Automated Content Writing taking over to create thousands of content pages for your brand.

Example – Creation Cost

Either manual or automated, the creation process required to produce high volumes of quality content is the largest cost factor. Manual writers are highly skilled and trained to use professional tools in order to create engaging content. Human writers must also engage with the market and research the topic. Providing fresh content at the speed it is required by the brand can be almost impossible.

Fortunately, creating a set of standards for Phrasetech’s Automated Content Writing algorithm to follow takes only a few weeks. From there, hundreds of thousands of articles are created with little to no effort. Suddenly, your marketing budget is in the black again. Your creative staff is able to work ahead knowing the Automated Content Writer is keeping up with the demand for content. Automated Content Writing is one of the few ways we know to improve marketing effectiveness while reducing manual effort and cost.

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Example – New Project Cost with Automated Content Creation

We have all been there; the project that suddenly turns into a saga, breaking the budget and falling way behind schedule. Why do marketing projects get off track so easily? Because there is high demand for continuous content in addition to the time required developing new projects. Intense content demands require extra time, which steals valuable hours away from the creative flow of the marketing team. By employing Phrasetech’s Automated Content Writing technology, creative minds can stay on-task with new developments and projects. Meanwhile, technology is creating content at a fast pace to keep up with demand.

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Do not break the marketing budget with high-cost manual content writing. Get in touch with us at Phrasetech and we will show you how our technology can exceed your requirements for quality content writing with a sensible ROI. Phrasetech turns your data into rich content, with a human narrative that follows your company style, tone and voice perfectly. Most importantly, the technology delivers higher volumes of content than manual writing could ever hope to achieve.

An infographic showing 4 benefits of AI Automation: Productivity, Cost Savings, Safety and Innovation

There will always be a place for human-crafted content, but automated content creation will save both time and money for marketing teams who rely on the platform for product listings, articles, press releases, and so much more. As a marketing professional, now is the time to embrace automated content writing technology, and Phrasetech’s platform is the perfect way to incorporate it into your marketing strategy today.

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