Automated Content Writing for SEO

Winning the battle for the top of the search results page requires strategy, bolstered by frequent updates of SEO-worthy content in articles and web pages. Keeping up the constant pace to drive organic traffic to your company website can be a huge challenge. Fortunately, creating SEO content and keeping it fresh is easy when you rely on automated content writing. This article will explain how to use automated content writing for SEO and a winning strategy to increase your organic website traffic.

From freelance writers down to marketing managers, anyone and everyone is greatly concerned with SEO. Why? If they follow the actions required to optimize their content, their chances of improving where their website ranks greatly increase. When rankings increase, readership increases and the brand image is more credible to the world at large.

An infographic showing 3 key points for automated content writing for SEO Structure: 1. SEO 2. Page Ranking 3. Content Marketing

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a strategy that affects a company’s online visibility in unpaid search engine results. These search engine results are referred to as organic traffic and they are so much more important than traffic from paid advertising. The result of a good SEO strategy is that organic traffic is delivered to your web page in the form of a relevant audience. The relevant audience, of course, is your customers and potential customers, who are able to find you by searching for the terms that make sense to them at the time.

Everyone uses search engines every day to connect with what they need, either information, products, services or contacts. Considering most searchers never go past the first or second page of search results, the higher up on the list your brand appears, the more successful you will be. If your competitor comes up higher in the results, chances are they will get this traffic instead of you. The articles and pages on your website strengthen your brand’s relevance to the people searching for you.

What does a good SEO strategy include?

Today’s SEO strategy involves more than paying for advertising on search engines, which may or may not effectively reach a company’s target audience. As search engines have evolved to have a deeper understanding of a user’s intent when they are entering search terms, marketers have to be more mindful that their web pages and articles include relevant keywords as well as high-quality content on your long-tail range of products and services.

By casting a wider net that includes topical content, found by using automated content writing on your existing company data, you don’t have to dedicate your marketing energy into popular, short-tail keywords. Phrasetech’s automated content writing technology is able to create large volumes of high-quality content to keep your brand SEO strategy relevant and useful to users who are searching for you or what you offer.

An infographic describing why there is more to SEO than just keywords in your content

How to Implement Your SEO Strategy

As an example, today’s marketing professional typically has a list of important keywords at the heart of their SEO strategy. When Phrasetech works with a company on automated content writing, we discuss these keywords and take it a step further by outlining topics that are relevant to the business and the keywords. This becomes the foundation for the SEO strategy, which is further supported by long-tail topics and keywords based on the company data. Using the old-fashioned, manual methods to create and bolster SEO strategized content will only go so far. Companies of all sizes battling for position on the first page of search results have to look to resources such as automated content writing to be successful.

For example, we are creating content here with the keyword “SEO”, but since this is a popular topic, we probably would not rank well on Google on just this term. We may also risk competing with ourselves if we create tons of content with the keyword SEO. Therefore, we create content on topics that relate to SEO, including automated content writing and other information. These topics and long-tail keywords combine to make an overall SEO strategy that reaches people who are eager for information on automated content writing for SEO.

A few guidelines to follow include:

  1.     Natural content is best, not overly formal
  2.     Use proper grammar and syntax
  3.     Keep content rich in information, no fluff
  4.     Structure the content well, like a story with a beginning,  middle, end
  5.     Content should have an intended purpose and meaning for the audience
  6.     Include charts, numbers, and quotes to break up the text
  7.     Stay true to the voice of your brand, allowing for variations for different audiences, languages, age groups, and other segments of the market

What about updating content?

Speaking of relevant, keeping your web pages, articles and other content such as product listings updated is a huge part of having a good SEO strategy. Regularly updating your content gives your website authority in the eyes of search engines like Google. When your website has authority, Google is more likely to pay attention to your domain as you add and refresh content.

The best, most cost-effective way to advertise your goods and services is your website. Developing content and providing readers with effective, on-target information is an important part of your brand image as communicated by your website. Updating content to include new products, consumer trends and marketing lingo encourages users to revisit your site to see “what’s new”. In other words, fresh content is engaging for your customers and potential customers.

An infogrpahic describing how data results in content

Does Automated Content Writing Harm Ranking?

Using an off-the-shelf content writing algorithm is tempting, but most of these simple systems just don’t offer full control of the content they create. This leads to content that is not valuable because it does not appeal to the reader and may be inaccurate, hard to understand or both. Phrasetech, with its sophisticated platform, allows full control over style, tone and voice of the automated content written from just about any data source. Our talented experts have mastered the creation of SEO friendly automated content writing.

SEO involves a lot of time and effort to be effective, we understand that. Fortunately, Phrasetech is able to offer content marketers a solution to the challenges of creating the extreme volume of high-quality content required to stand above the rest in today’s competitive SEO environment. By using Phrasetech’s automated content writing technology, you can get your brand in front of important customers and potential customers in the competitive online world, engage with them and stay at the top of their mind.

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