Automatic Content Writing and the Long Tail

Once you decide to explore long tail marketing, it may be daunting to consider the first steps in your plan. If you start off on the wrong foot, you could be over budget or sacrifice sales. Fortunately, you can count on Automatic Content Writing to create exciting, SEO rich content with your long tail sales objectives in mind. In this article, you’ll learn about long tail and how Automatic Content Writing enables you to target buyers in the right sales channels.

These up-and-coming items must be heavily promoted in order to attract as many consumers as possible. The race to beat competitors to market is often fierce, driving up the cost of distribution.New releases of video games, books or films often have enormous budgets to get them noticed in the marketplace and create demand. These up-and-coming items must be heavily promoted in order to attract as many consumers as possible. The race to beat competitors to market is often fierce, driving up the cost of distribution.

Meanwhile, sales of other inventory items carry on without big budget promotions or special distribution channels. Individually, these items do not have much impact on the sales cycle. Taken as a whole, however, these items have a greater impact on the profitability of the retail chain. They even have more impact on the bottom line than blockbuster items. These items are known as the long tail of the retail offering.

Often a business sales model that is interested in marketing their long tail items will look to inventory management instead of product promotion in order to leverage their profits. However, what these companies do not realize is the impact that Automatic Content Writing can have on long tail marketing. By employing impactful SEO content, automated content can put long tail goods and services into the forefront of the sales cycle.

What is the Long Tail?

In 2004, British-American writer Chris Anderson came up with the concept of long tail while working for Wired Magazine. The concept is that most retail sellers have a low number of popular goods and services at the “head” of the sales program. These popular items have had large production and distribution budgets spent on them to create high sales.

Trailing behind these market blockbusters and best sellers in sales volume is a string of unique inventory items. These unique items have relatively small sales numbers as individuals. This long tail of unique items is appealing to a new, exciting market full of niche consumers who are ready to buy. Collectively, the items in a long tail can create a market segment that is far more profitable than the head item.

The Automatic Content Writing impact on long tail

The most effective marketing model for long tail goods involves customer diversity. The longer the tail of unique goods a business has, the more diverse the customer base has to be. This demand for diversity places Automatic Content Writing at the forefront of the perfect consumer strategy. Automatic Content Writing is able to create customer specific, SEO rich content for hundreds of market segments effortlessly, offering a cost effective way to market unique long tail goods.

For example, offering information in several different languages to niche customers is only cost effective when created with Automatic Content Writing. Customers outside the reach of mainstream sales channels are hungry for content on their specific interests. Employing Automatic Content Writing to produce insightful, SEO optimized content is the way smart businesses create opportunity within the long tail market channel.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the sales cycle, the headline, blockbuster items continue to churn through marketing and distribution budget with a focus just on the mass market. A high percentage of niche market customers are ignored and the profits on these bestsellers get more and more narrow.

SEO and Long Tail

Keywords used on search engines like Google, which has approximately 80%-90% of the market share when it comes to online searching, can also have a long tail distribution. Your web site may get more hits using more specific, if less popular, keywords. Visitors who use long tail keywords are typically closer to the purchase point in the sales cycle. Automatic Content Writing is perfect for creating rich SEO content that captures these visitors.

For example, imagine a furniture retailer that sells unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Chances are their website is not going to be among the top sites in a search for “furniture”. There is simply too much competition, especially if they are a startup or a small business. If the furniture retailer specializes in art-deco modern fusion furniture, however, SEO rich content can be created through Automatic Content Writing to boost keywords such as “contemporary art-deco circular sofas”, for example. The automated content has created an SEO friendly website that is able to hone in on the target market and bring in the sale.

SEO rules are always changing

Algorithms used by search engines are constantly changing. What worked as an effective approach to SEO for your business today almost certainly will not work tomorrow. Because of this fluidity, content automation is the perfect way to make sure your long tail and mainstream items are noticed.

The beauty of Automatic Content Writing is that it will create insightful, SEO rich content about anything. Automatic Content Writing can also constantly update content to roll with any changes in SEO. Natural Language Generation uses your company data to create effective, optimized content that immediately reaches your target audience. There is no need to consider what is in the mainstream market and what is unique because Natural Language Generation will cover it all.

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