Bulk Content Writing: A How-To-Guide

Most of the population in the world turns to the internet for products and services for many reasons. Websites are never closed for business; they offer an interesting overview about the company and a comprehensive listing of what is on offer, all without having to speak to a human being. It does not matter if the company is located anywhere near the customer, the website is available and that is good enough. It is critical that companies keep their websites up-to-date and interesting to attract and keep customers. Some companies have a vast array of products, services or platforms on offer and this means bulk content writing for the website. Today, the most cost-effective way to succeed in bulk content writing is by using Natural Language Generation or NLG technology, also known as automated content creation.



Bulk content writing is one of the most effective and easy ways to keep website information fresh and interesting. Considering the required SEO techniques reflecting mobile and voice search methods, companies may be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of content they need to gain and hold customer attention. In this article, we will explore bulk content writing and the easiest, most efficient, most effective way to meet your content goals.

What does bulk content writing mean?

The term ‘bulk’ might be referring to two things:

  1. The length of the text
  2. The quantity of text

To be clear, lengthy text is not what we will discuss in this article. Creating a lengthy article, publication, white paper, eBook or other extensive text is not an easy task and the topic must be very in-depth. Typically this type of lengthy article or text is researched and written by a team of human writers, which can still be done within a budget and time deadline.

Websites, however, need bulk amounts of content in quantity or to scale, which is what we are interested in for this article. When we are talking bulk, we mean thousands or even millions of online content pages that a company needs for their website to be successful.

What is bulk quantity content?

Content is the heart and soul of your website, giving life to your brand and your products, services or platform.  With enough content, your company stands above the competition, attracting more notice and creating more relationships – and this is where bulk content writing comes in. 

Think of bulk purchases you may have made at a warehouse store; when you buy more, you save more per item. Giving you a lower price when you buy in bulk encourages you to stock up and feel good that you have gotten ‘a deal’. You can think of bulk content the same way. With more content to click through and explore, users get more and more interested in your brand. They feel good that you have so much content that is interesting to them. They are encouraged to keep exploring and seek out that perfect ‘deal’.

Unfortunately, some companies let the quality of the content go by the wayside when they are sourcing bulk content for their brand. Companies who are trying to build a relationship with potential customers will not get far if they have awful, non-specific content full of errors and originality. Fortunately, Phrasetech not only thinks about the quantity of the content but the quality. Our platform builds on your company voice, style and tone to create content tailored to your company, high in quality, easily repurposed for different audiences and evergreen, meaning that it will remain relevant for the long term.

Who needs all this content?

Good content gives your website life; it increases the volume of users that peruse your web pages for information, thus boosting your income through higher conversion in the sales cycle. Effective content takes a visitor and turns them into a customer. To do so, content has to be consistent, unique, and professional. Above all, effective content needs to be plentiful, offering every visitor an informative look at your brand, your offering and inspiring confidence that they should interact with you.

Bulk content, therefore, is not just a need – it is a necessity. Enterprise companies that are not able to convey the right information or brand message to visitors on their website lag behind their competition. Customers today are seeking personal experiences and a confirmation that your company wants to exceed their expectations. Being able to offer specific pages featuring specific products also leads to companies needing bulk amounts of content. Increasing your customer base and interaction also brings in more data to be used for the creation of bulk content:

Not being able to meet bulk content demands can drive visitors to competing websites, and it is almost impossible to win them back. Think of bulk content as a long-term investment, with returns that will continue for years. Quality content creates a relationship between you and your customer; it just so happens that you need to cast a wide net and that means bulk content. According to Servion, 95 percent of corporation and customer interactivity will be driven by AI by 2025. This not only includes chats, emails and other communication types, but also content served to customers via web pages.

How is automated content helping with bulk content writing?

By now, you must be ready to breathe new life into your website with some bulk content, but where will it come from? If you are like most companies, you have big data. Simply put, big data is a vast ocean of information collected on an hourly basis in areas such as:

  • User Profiles
  • Financial Data
  • Local Information
  • Product Specifications

Where does big data come from? Think about your company day-to-day operations, which might involve some or all of the following:

Multiply this by users and products and you have more data that you could possibly mine for information on your own. Your marketing team may try, but they are busy creating brand awareness, customer loyalty and trust. The solution? Automated content creation, and Phrasetech’s platform is the answer to your bulk content needs. Our technology mines your big data for meaningful information and turns it into full, quality content at scale. Phrasetech can sort, organize, recognize and link concepts to create the effectiveness you lack in turning your big data ocean into content interesting enough to hold the attention of your customers.

As we have discussed in previous articles, our technology does not just spill out text. Phrasetech is able to create quality content, at scale, that fulfills company needs and customer desires. We use proven techniques to make sure SEO is on-point for any kind of search, including voice assistants. Every company finds themselves struggling with content; finding a balance between quality and quantity. With Phrasetech, you no longer have to sacrifice the quality of your content just to create bulk content for your website. Leave the so-so content to your competition while you attract more business with quality, bulk content created with Phrasetech.

Ultimately, whether you decide if you need bulk content or not, Phrasetech is a highly efficient, economical method of automated content creation for any industry. In today’s competitive business landscape, good content at scale plays an important role in the success of your brand. Do not leave quality behind when you look to scale up your content in bulk. Trust Phrasetech to exceed all your content goals for quality and quantity, whether you are in ecommerce, travel, real estate, or any other industry that needs traction online.

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