Natural Language Generation

AI Content and November’s Online Shopping Madness

November has become the biggest shopping month of the year, not just in a few countries but also all over the world. Thanks to perceptive retailers and stellar marketing, shopping days like Singles Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have grown to become the main events of the Christmas shopping season. For e-commerce websites, this [...]

What Kind of Data Do You Need for Automated Content Writing?

Taking the first step into creating a great content marketing campaign is exciting – but it can also be terrifying. You might think that for automated content writing to start you need very large data sets, structured and organized in a very specific way. The reality is that you have better data than you might [...]

How Can Automated Content Writing Improve Efficiency?

It is inspiring to think how Phrasetech’s Automated Content Writing technology will improve your content creation speed, reduce your cost and improve the quality of your content. You may be overlooking the most important benefit of all. Not to worry, we have thought of everything you need to know. In this article, you will learn [...]

How is Automated Content Creation Used Online?

You have probably already read about the use of Automated Content Creation or Natural Language Generation (NLG) in the media. You may have a device in your home or office that works on NLG technology or your favorite financial column might be created by Automated Content Creation. If you have ever asked yourself how Automated [...]

Does Automated Content Writing reduce cost?

An enterprise-level company requires high-quality content in large volumes to insure a successful marketing campaign. To achieve such volumes would require a large staff of trained, experienced content writers. Creating high volumes content would normally hit the bottom line of the marketing budget quite hard, but there is an answer. In this article, you will [...]

Manual vs. Automated Content Writing

Automated content writing is a fast, efficient way to generate high quality, high volume content from existing data. Manual content writing is still the more widespread method of generating content. So which method is better? This article will compare manual vs. automated content writing and the advantages and disadvantages to each. Manual content writing To [...]

How to automate content creation for your company?

Once you decide that automated content creation is perfect for your company, you may be unsure of where to start. Maybe you are intimidated by this new technology or feel that it is too sophisticated to fit in with your marketing practices. This article will demonstrate how accessible automated content creation is for any company [...]

Which Industries Use Automatic Content Writing?

No matter what industry you are in, you need mass amounts of fresh, engaging content on a regular basis. Your customers and potential customers need to hear from your brand frequently, and so do your shareholders and co-workers. Creating sufficient amounts of content in a timely manner can be almost impossible. Thankfully, your marketing team [...]