Automated Content Creation – 3 Types You’ll Meet Online

Automated content creation has evolved into a widespread technology among companies who need large amounts of online content in a short amount of time. Formally known as Natural Language Generation or NLG, Automated Content Creation is rapidly growing into the AI technology every industry wants to deploy. To dig deep into what AI content really [...]

Is Automated Content Creation Ready for Commercial Use?

AI technologies have captivated the business world for decades, promising fast-paced advancements that will replace human workers with efficient computer systems that will do a better job in just about any field. So far, these advancements are ringing true in many areas, especially in content marketing. Nevertheless, is automated content creation ready for online publishing? [...]

Automated Content Creation Means Full Control at Your Fingertips

Being true to the company brand when creating content at scale can be very challenging for a team of marketing professionals. Sending an incomplete, incorrect or confusing message about the company could cause you to spend months getting back on track, not to mention quite a bit of money. Style, tone and brand image all [...]

Natural Language Generation for Full Control of Your Content

Creating and maintaining dynamic content is a challenging process for any company. An enterprise needs to create large-scale amounts of content to satisfy a wide range of customers with new, exciting offers. Creating content of this magnitude is one of the biggest marketing challenges today. In this article, you will learn why you should rely [...]

Can Automatic Content Writing Help Reduce Bounce Rates?

Controlling the metric known as bounce rate can be a difficult task for some companies. If the bounce rate is too high, you are not providing engagement to your web site’s visitor. Providing engagement can be almost impossible. How can Automatic Content Writing help reduce bounce rates? This article will teach you everything you need [...]

JNCO Jeans Solves The Unique Content Problem

Maureen Wilkey from Internet Retailer hits on many of the reasons we started Phrasetech in her recent article “Words Matter.”  A huge challenge for retailers is how to always be producing original content on product pages. According to the article, roughly 34% of shoppers start their buying pathway on a search engine.  Per the recent changes from Google, search rankings are now influenced [...]