Founded in 2013, Phrasetech is changing the way online content is created for enterprise companies.

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With an expert team of data scientists, researchers, analysts, marketing experts and engineers, we offer an end-to-end solution for content creation, management and optimization.

In the past, content was a stagnant publication directed for the broadest crowd possible. In today’s agile online reality, content has to stay fresh, be unique, and cater to a wide range of specific user segments. Companies trying to use outdated manual methods for content creation are simply unable to keep up with the pace.

In order to stay competitive and reach their full business potential, enterprise companies need the means to manage extensive amounts of online content. This triggered the development of a new Natural Language Generation technology adapted to the requirements of the online era.

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Management Team
Eran Outmazgin CEO & Co-Founder at Phrasetech
Eran Outmazgin Co-Founder & CEO
CTO and Co-Founder at Phrasetech
Shmulik Fronman Co-Founder & CTO
Jeff Pyatt VP Business Development at Phrasetech
Jeff Pyatt VP Business Development
Shifra Steinmetz-Silber, Head of Operations at Phrasetech
Shifra Steinmetz-Silber Head of Operations
Royi Shaish, Product Manager at Phrasetech
Royi Shaish Product Manager
Avital Shenkar, HR Manager at Phrasetech
Avital Shenkar HR Manager
Leon Waisbein
Naftali Investments
Eddy Shalev
Magma VC
Commerce Ventures
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