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From Fashion to Electronics,
We Create Great Content for
Every Type of Product.

We specialize in content for eCommerce, offering a complete solution for all kinds of text on your
product pages. We infuse your text with unique and accurate information to showcase each product
and create a truly enriched content inventory.

The new frontier in product descriptions

Phrasetech introduces an innovative way of creating,
managing and optimizing your product descriptions at scale.
Our technology is designed to find the most effective,
informative and intuitive way to describe your product. Using
our system you can update and refresh all product copy, as
often as you like, giving you full control and visibility over your
content with just the click of a button.

Dynamic product messages
tailored to the customer

We believe that for every potential customer there is an
optimal sales pitch. By serving live content and
measuring its effect, we identify the most powerful
messages and successfully convert casual shoppers
into returning buyers.

Distinct and enriched product names

Product names have proven to be vital for effectively
promoting inbound traffic. Phrasetech empowers SEO
marketing teams with the ability create unique product
names that feature insightful product information.

Complete and precise
product specifications

Collecting product specifications is a resource intensive
task. We have developed sophisticated and efficient
tools for collecting detailed product specifications to
fuel content generation. Take advantage of our full
product data and make your site the go-to place
for online product research.

Descriptive thematic pages to
guide your customers

Transform your thematic pages from a standard product
listing into an informative and helpful first stop in your
customer’s online shopping experience. Adding illustrative
text and search result summaries will help to engage
customers, provide value and boost SEO.

Showcase each of your products to their full potential by leveraging the power of Phrasetech’s disruptive technology.