What Kind of Data Do You Need for Automated Content Writing?

Taking the first step into creating a great content marketing campaign is exciting – but it can also be terrifying. You might think that for automated content writing to start you need very large data sets, structured and organized in a very specific way. The reality is that you have better data than you might think. If you are asking yourself what kind of data do you need for automated content writing, you should read on to find out the details.

When you review your data and think about what kind of content could be written from it, are you worried that the quantity of data is too small? Or perhaps you are afraid that the way the data is structured is wrong, or even the way your data has been entered isn’t quite up to standard. Whatever you perceive are the challenges with your data, you shouldn’t fear. Phrasetech is ready to dig in and make valuable content for you almost immediately from any data you have. Let’s talk about each of those concerns one by one.


Every business collects data every single day just by going about business as usual. It may be internal data, operational data or customer data, and all data sources are valuable in their own way for automated content writing. Access to all this data is critical for any automated content writing solution, including Phrasetech’s technology. Just like human writers, automated content creation systems needs to learn about the writing topic.

Fortunately, by choosing automated content creation technology to mine your data, you can be assured that it will be analyzed quickly and turned into rich content. Keeping the content updated with new data is much faster with automated content creation, lessening the chance for the delay of waiting for a human writer to update the content. Even companies just starting out or that have a small quantity of data are perfect candidates for automated content writing.


Whether structured into spreadsheets with columns and rows or unstructured from multiple sources, the Phrasetech automated content creation technology will extract the data and turn it into human-readable narrative. No extra work is required by your company, as our data processing tools are able to efficiently organize and learn from sets of data from any source.

Even unstructured data can be turned into unique, narrative-packed content in a fraction of the time it would take human writers to get the data organized. For example, writing hundreds of thousands of product descriptions is time consuming and costly. With Phrasetech’s automated content writing, inventory data for each unique product is efficiently transformed into SEO friendly, unique descriptions.


Most companies are surprised at what their data already holds in terms of value for automated content creation. Companies really do not need to hold data ready in any specific structure to be ready for NLG; they just need to know what their content requirements are. Phrasetech will automatically generate the content they need based on the company’s requirements.

Data plays a significant role in supply chain, production and sales analysis, giving store managers critical decision-making tools to optimize inventory. For example, successful inventory management boosts profits and business goals, especially when it comes to high-margin products. By employing automated content creation to analyze the inventory and sales data, creating product descriptions and other content with automated content writing is much faster than a team of human writers.

Incomplete data

You have probably lived the old saying garbage in, garbage out. Data entry by human users can sometimes be incomplete or flawed, leading to challenges when manually searching for data sets to use for content creation. In these cases, however, Phrasetech is able to create a knowledge base about missing data, continuing with the content generation process.

For example, a company that makes one model of bicycle in seven different colors may find that the descriptions have been entered incorrectly by their staff. Perhaps the descriptions were not entered into the system at all, or perhaps even entered with unauthorized variations in the data. Phrasetech will step in and expand the data set when information is missing, bring up and try to fix any anomalies and get back to the task of creating content from the now perfect data.

Automated Content Writing Solutions

When you have to publish content for thousands of products and you have millions of customers to communicate with, hiring a team of experts and writers to devote themselves to manually generating content does not usually make sense in terms of efficiency or budget. The team often becomes pressed for time or unable to complete the content, especially if a certain expertise is required. Automated content writing technology from Phrasetech uses the expertise of your best analysts and writers to create a structure to analyze your data and turn it into high quality, human readable content.

A variety of industries are now realizing the benefits of automated content writing to expand and improve existing content creation processes. Now is the time to include Phrasetech in your content marketing plan. Turn your company’s existing data, whatever quantity, structure or format it is in, into powerful, compelling content at scale, in a fraction of the time it would take a force of human writers. In order to harness the power of your data, you have to analyze it and create human-relatable content from it. Data, by itself, is worthless until automated content writing technology from Phrasetech makes it priceless by turning it into rich content.

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