Which Industries Use Automatic Content Writing?

No matter what industry you are in, you need mass amounts of fresh, engaging content on a regular basis. Your customers and potential customers need to hear from your brand frequently, and so do your shareholders and co-workers. Creating sufficient amounts of content in a timely manner can be almost impossible. Thankfully, your marketing team can take advantage of the latest AI technology and tools to help them, including Automatic Content Writing.

Automatic Content Writing is a fast-developing AI technology, rapidly making a name for itself across many industries, and is sometimes referred to as NLG or Natural Language Generation. If your marketing team is snowed under by the amount of content your company needs to meet their marketing goals, automatic content creation is the answer. In this article, we will give you the long and short answers on which industries use Automatic Content Writing to accomplish their content marketing goals and increase their success.

To understand the impact the Automatic Content Writing has on marketing, you must first think of all the data a company collects from current customers, repeat customers and prospects. Creating content such as product listings or even interesting blog articles requires not only a deep learning of the big data each industry owns, but also an ability to understand how to use this data for content. Sophisticated automatic content writing systems like the one deployed by Phrasetech generates data-based content at scale that is fit for human readership and interest. This is accomplished through careful construction of an automatic writing structure that uses the company’s style, tone and voice to get their message to the masses. This is beyond the average automatic content writing software; this is the future of content marketing!

Which Industries Benefit From Automatic Content Writing?

The short answer – any industry of any size, but you already knew we were going to say that. You probably are more interested in a longer answer, though, so we are going to start with the basics. Simple AI technology for automatic content writing is already used to generate content that you read every day. Sports scores, weather forecasts and company earnings reports are used by media companies to narrow the gap of content discovery. Through use of simple algorithms, piles of data are turned into human-readable text in the blink of an eye.

If you have Googled anything or used Netflix lately, you have most likely been reading content that was automatically written specifically for you based on your history, search results or other data that has been gathered about you. Virtual assistants are a great example of this as well, employing NLG to answer your questions in intelligent natural language. Maybe you have Google Home or Alexa to speak with when you need to order something, for which you can thank NLG.

Even if your company isn’t the size of Google or Amazon, emulating the way these companies mine and use content is a powerful tool for a brand of any size. Using NLG to ramp up your brand’s content creation is an economical, fast way to increase your marketing efforts. Back up your solid marketing plan with tons of quality NLG content and watch your brand grow and expand. The following is a list of some example industries that have successfully deployed automatic content writing to ramp up their content marketing presence:

  • Accounting
  • Automotive
  • Banking and Financial
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Food and Beverage
  • Health Care
  • Insurance
  • Law
  • Manufacturing
  • News Media
  • Politics
  • Public Relations and Advertising
  • Real Estate
  • Retail and Ecommerce
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Utilities
  • Venture Capital

    How Do Industries Use Automatic Content Writing?

    Internal Content

    Large financial or insurance corporations are beginning to take a page out of the media’s book and use automatic content writing to create reports based on company data. Using technology to create these reports is a great way to distribute the information quickly, as required by the internal day-to-day operations of industries such as these and many others. Internal content generation using automatic systems like Phrasetech’s is a simple, basic algorithm that is unique to each company. The formatting is fully controlled by the corporation to follow the company’s guidelines for style, tone and voice.

    Companies of all sizes have an intranet, which is a private, secure location for company information to be gathered and stored. Content located on the company intranet is full of tools and insights that help employees be more efficient and more productive. Intranets are designed to share information generated directly from company data. The content on the company intranet is just as important as the online content shared with customers, and is generated quickly and updated efficiently using automatic content writing technology and tools.

    External Content

    Moving beyond the basics, Phrasetech’s automatic content writing technology is put to work by many types of industries every day to create compelling external content. The travel industry alone requires hundreds of articles to market different trips to different audiences such as honeymoon couples, senior citizens and spring breakers. In fact, 55% of people recently surveyed like pages and articles related to trips they are planning. Providing such a large number of articles for such a diverse range of customer needs could be impossible without an automatic content writing solution.

    Another industry that consistently requires large amounts of content is the retail industry. In order to provide articles and web page content for their product lines, retail brands often look to Phrasetech for automatic content writing applications. They can count on us to provide the variety and quality of content they need on a grand scale with complete control over voice, style and tone. Further, they look to our expertise at Phrasetech to insure that the content is evergreen, attracting readership and interest far into the future.

    Hand-in-hand with retail brands are the ecommerce companies, who are always looking for new approaches to customers with fresh, new web page content, compelling, well-read articles and exciting product listings. Adding Phrasetech’s automatic content writing technology to an ecommerce platform brings the power of personalization to the forefront, giving each customer a unique experience in real time.




    By deploying Phrasetech’s technology to analyze and understand your company data, you will allow our automatic content writing platform to communicate key insights in real time, with greater scalability than using human writing alone. Don’t let your company’s need for vast amounts of content intimidate you. Look to the leader in NLG automatic content writing and let Phrasetech’s advanced technology give you the control over your quality online content. Every day, we give companies of all sizes, in all industries a helping hand in creating powerful content with automatic content writing technology and tools.

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