Manual vs. Automated Content Writing

Automated content writing is a fast, efficient way to generate high quality, high volume content from existing data. Manual content writing is still the more widespread method of generating content. So which method is better? This article will compare manual vs. automated content writing and the advantages and disadvantages to each.

Manual content writing

To create their online content, many companies still employ traditional human writers today. There are advantages to hiring human writers to create online content, one of which is the personal touch they bring to the content they write. This personal touch resonates well with readers and is part of why manually generated content is so high in quality.

On the surface, it seems simple to hire a bunch of good writers, give them a style guide and let them generate your content. However, human content writing only goes so far. Content marketers today know that thousands of articles are required to make their web sites more effective and more attractive to search engines. Creating enough content to meet this demand requires more writers, which means higher costs for your company.

Additionally, a human writer charged with creating high volumes of content will eventually find that the quality of their writing diminishes, as the demand gets higher. Generating thousands of pages of content for a company website is daunting, complicated and time consuming. Human writers who cannot keep up with the demand for content can delay website launch dates and inflate the project budget far out of range.

Pros – personal touch, high quality, creativity

Cons – high cost, ineffective at scale, quality diminishes with volume

Automated content writing

Automated content writing offers a cost effective solutions for content marketers who are smart enough to know that they need more content than is practical to assign to a human writer. Website content demands have changed over the years, graduating from content converted from print material into high quality, searchable text. Creating, auditing and improving thousands of pages of content are team tasks, requiring information designers and experts with high price tags. Automation is the only answer for today’s high quality, high volume content requirements.

No matter the level of scale, automated content writing solutions from Phrasetech are able to maintain high quality throughout the project. While a human writer focuses on one or two types of content, automated content generation can produce thousands, and can keep up this pace endlessly. Thanks to our enterprise level solution, Phrasetech is able to meet any scale of online content creation.

Even though the advantages of employing automated content writing are very clear, the human creative touch is missing. Automated content writing solutions rely on a complex algorithm and structure. These systems can learn, write and provide descriptions but they definitely cannot inject human feelings or creativity themselves.

Thankfully, Phrasetech has ensured that marketers are able to give the automated content created by their system the personal touch by making it easy to add lingo, phrasing and creativity. The content created with Phrasetech’s automated solution is engaging, high quality and has a personal touch that is so important to capturing the reader’s attention. The ability to inject creativity into automated content to allow the system to learn and be more human is something that Google AI expert Ray Kurzweil talked about more than four years ago. In fact, he predicted then that by the year 2029, automated systems will be cleverer than humans.

Pros: fast, simple, high quality, high volume, low cost

Cons: lacking human touch, but not for long

When choosing between manual vs. automated content writing, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Content marketers who want to make sure they have creative control and a human touch in their content do not have to dismiss automated content writing for their online content needs. Phrasetech has the solution for volumes of personal, creative content at scale.

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