Natural Language Generation for Full Control of Your Content

Creating and maintaining dynamic content is a challenging process for any company. An enterprise needs to create large-scale amounts of content to satisfy a wide range of customers with new, exciting offers. Creating content of this magnitude is one of the biggest marketing challenges today. In this article, you will learn why you should rely on Natural Language Generation for full control of your content.

Why does content matter?

Content marketing has never been more important than it is right now. Being a brand storyteller is not always easy and even just getting started is sometimes daunting. Creating powerful, vibrant content at scale can be challenging, but Natural Language Generation can overcome this challenge.

Consider how many company resources are used by a marketing team to implement an effective marketing plan. To be effective, the team must work on discovering meaningful keywords, planning content topics and writing the content itself. Then the team has to work on optimizing the content, personalizing it and automating it for landing pages, social media and other applications. After that, still more time and resources must be used for a review of the analytics. Then it will be necessary to define new strategies for the next cycle, because what works today is often out of date as soon as tomorrow.

In addition to finding the resources to create massive amounts of content, many companies are concerned with having control of their unique company standard, set of terms, style and tone. Phrasetech’s Natural Language Generation system provides the tools to take full control of content to make sure it follows company guidelines. The content can be created and customized to specifically speak to a certain audience. For example, marketing to the Millennial audience will require a different style of content that is full of buzz words and slang. On the other hand, a more informative, business-like content is required to speak to an audience of more mature customers.

What makes content marketing effective?

As we already touched on, content marketing has never been more important than it is right now. Competition has increased for almost every business on the planet, each fighting for their share of the consumer market. What drives consumers these days is as mercurial as the weather. To keep in front of customers with relevant, compelling content requires fast analysis and prolific content creation. Content is everywhere consumers look, from social media to videos, books, games, white papers and more. Creating content that is timely and compelling is the key to capturing an audience.

The most successful content marketing professionals know they cannot possibly generate dynamic content to scale, so they are looking for help in the artificial intelligence realm. Specifically, smart content marketers are looking to employ Natural Language Generation because these professionals know they will get faster results and more return on their investment. Natural Language Generation performs a majority of the content marketing tasks, leaving the primary role of enhancement and direction to the marketer. At the same time, Natural Language Generation will automatically create intelligent content on a constant, massive scale.

Natural Language Generation systems operate at a speed that human content creators cannot possibly match. The intense demand for content creation can be met and exceeded with the use of NLG, as many enterprises have already discovered. You probably read NLG content every day without even realizing it, as it is used by many multi-national corporations as well as world news organizations. These organizations have discovered that artificial intelligence like Natural Language Generation is as good as or better than humans at certain tasks.

Why use NLG to create content marketing?

At the heart of Natural Language Generation is data, given life by powerful algorithm instructions and formats designed to create meaningful content. As an example, a company publishes an e-book, which is downloaded 10,000 times. Not just as a single e-book, but one that has been given five different versions. On top of this, each download has been performed through a different channel such as social media, direct download and organic channels. Each download requires personalized web site content based on the user history. No simple set of human instructions will perform this instant content generation that is highly informative and contains intelligent insights. Only Phrasetech’s NLG system is capable of creating complex, data-driven content solutions that keeps the reader’s attention and interest for the long term.

Consider all the data that an enterprise is constantly gathering from social media, CRM, sales, e-commerce, mobile, advertising and more. Every customer contact offers valuable information on the sales funnel, but it would be impossible for a human to gather and put this data to use quickly and effectively. In contrast, Phrasetech’s Natural Language Generation system is able to process data to scale quickly, discovering insights and making strategic decisions on content creation. The content is personalized and interesting, keeping the customer interested in what the web site has to say and fast-track them through the sales funnel.

Enterprises that rely on human-driven content marketing may miss valuable opportunities to create content that sells through to their primary customers. They may also lose control of their brand and experience a dilution of the company standards, styles and tone. With Natural Language Generation, it is extremely easy to make sure the company branding is always sharp and clear.

How can a company get started with Natural Language Generation for content marketing?

Using Phrasetech’s advanced technology, any company of any size can take full control of their content marketing. Our intelligent Natural Language Generation solution makes company standards a high priority while emphasizing dynamic content creation. By employing Phrasetech’s system, content marketers are in control of the length of the content as well as the style and tone. We respect your unique company message and make sure to offer full management of content creation for clear communication.

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