Phrasetech and the Future of Digital Marketing

By Chloe Dougherty

The Challenge
As the market for e-commerce has grown, so has the need for descriptions for the millions of products now available online. With the fast-paced growth that the e-commerce industry has experienced, it’s not surprising that the creation of content can’t keep up with the demand. The challenge for online retailers is to provide interesting, effective, and individualized content that will draw customers in and inform them of the particulars, while still making the product easily searchable.

Since its inception, e-commerce has used static content for product descriptions in an attempt to appeal to consumers en-masse. Because creating content manually is time-consuming and costly, these sites often take their content directly from the manufacturer. As a result, most sites feature flat, often outdated product information that doesn’t boost their overall SEO. Although we are in the age of progressive technology, most digital marketing is still failing to do what effective content should: appeal to clientele on a personal level.

Clients, at the same time, are becoming savvier to their purchase choices. They are now able to look through an endless number of products, research product comparisons, and read customer reviews to find exactly what they are looking for. With an overwhelming selection, how can we keep customers interested with engaging content in this rapidly developing industry?

The Future
Phrasetech offers a technological solution to this e-commerce content quandary. Here, we know that powerful, dynamic content is the most effective tool in conveying information and generating interest among consumers. At Phrasetech, we create quality content at scale for all types of products in the e-commerce industry and beyond. Using our Natural Language Generator, we have the ability to produce automated content that is tailored to every aspect of a product. Our system easily adapts to differing tones, customer personas, and brand or retailer guidelines, as it creates individualized content for every unique SKU input. The output from every category we produce helps online shoppers find the products they are looking for and gives them accurate information about each and every product they view.

In the e-commerce world, powerful content is what separates the good from the great. Online shoppers are attracted to content that provides them with reliable, relatable product information. Phrasetech’s Natural Language Generation technology makes this advantage possible for any company.

For information and updates on what we do here at Phrasetech, follow our blog to learn more about us as we continue to create dynamic content and take the e-commerce industry by storm.


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