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In the last few years, the e-commerce market has experienced explosive growth and dynamic changes, including the need for descriptions for the millions of products now available online and the growing use of advanced digital marketing tools. The challenge for online retailers is to provide interesting, effective, and individualized content that will draw customers in and inform them of the details for each product, service or description. During all this customer attraction and persuasion, the item itself must remain SEO friendly with the ever-changing requirements for search engines. Keeping ahead of the content demand is a challenge for marketing departments large and small.

In the not-so-distant past, artificial intelligence and voice search were dismissed as gimmicks from the last sci-fi film, but not anymore. So many new digital marketing trends and strategies are evolving today that depend on AI and automated content creation for their success, the technology has become an integral part of many industries. What makes this technology so powerful, and Phrasetech the best platform? Read on and understand the future of digital marketing.

The Need: Be Original

Since its inception, e-commerce has used static content for product descriptions in an attempt to appeal to a large quantity of consumers all at once. Because creating content manually is time-consuming and costly, these sites often take their content directly from the manufacturer. As a result, most sites feature flat, often outdated product information that does not boost their overall SEO. Although we are in the age of progressive technology, most digital marketing is still failing to do what effective content should: appeal to clientele on a personal level.

The Need: Voice Services

From Siri to Cortana, and Google Assistant to Amazon Echo, AI voice services are taking over the e-commerce market. They provide an extra level of ease to a customer’s shopping experience, with many brands tailoring their content and services to each individual command. Domino’s pizza, for instance, will recite an individual’s previous orders to speed up the process via Google Home. A large part of the e-commerce future will be dedicated to voice searching and shopping, so brands are scrambling to get their content ready. To read the riveting tales of Phrasetech’s adventures in automated content for Google Assistant, read our blog here.

The Need: Authenticity

Digital marketing strategies everywhere include some form of AI, whether it is via chatbot or sales reporting, the technology has made huge leaps in the past few years. Marketing teams all over the globe are putting AI technology to work to automate content creation for product listings, news articles, customer communication, and more. Employing Phrasetech’s automated content creation platform is more advanced than others, in that your brand’s style, tone, and voice is the framework for all content. Having full control over AI content gives it authenticity that communicates your brand’s personality, easily understood and clear to the reader. See our blog post about full control of online content here.

An infographic describing the requirements of high quality online content

The Need: Emotion

These days, consumers do not want to buy something that is obviously being displayed as a product. Consumers want to make their own choices, buying for personal reasons because they want or need the item. According to ODM Group’s research, more than 70 percent of consumers consult social media prior to making a purchase. So consumers do want to know what others think before they consider buying. For an e-commerce brand, this means that you need to tell stories through interesting, unusual, emotional content to create brand engagement. A great example is Nike, who features humble, empowering stories from professional athletes and strangers alike.

The Need: Be Unique

Visitors to e-commerce sites, at the same time, are becoming better informed in their purchases. They are now able to filter through an endless number of products, research product comparisons, and read customer reviews to find exactly what they are looking for. In order to engage with a brand, visitors must be convinced that this is the right place for them, where they can find everything they need and the products are just what they want.

The Need: Personalization

Every industry is swimming in big data including links clicked, purchase history, and other behavior such as returns, complaints, referrals, and more. All this data is a gold mine for an automated content creation system like Phrasetech’s, which is the gold standard in creating personalized content with any type of data, including product descriptions that will catch the attention of previous buyers. Through this data, companies can easy create personalized digital marketing flows for their online customers. What kind of data do you need for automated content writing? Click here and read all the details, but do not worry; your data is perfect.

An infographic describing the requirements of high quality online content

Digital Marketing with Phrasetech

Phrasetech offers a technological solution to this e-commerce content quandary. Here, we know that powerful, dynamic content is the most effective tool in conveying information and generating interest among consumers and thus increasing sales. At Phrasetech, we create quality content at scale for all types of products in the e-commerce industry and beyond.

Using our Natural Language Generator, we have the ability to produce automated content that is tailored to every aspect of a product. Our system easily adapts to differing tones, customer personas, and brand or retailer guidelines, as it creates individualized content for every unique SKU input. The output from every category we produce helps online shoppers find the products they are looking for and gives them accurate information about every product they view.

An infographic describing how Automated Content Creation, Big Data and Creative Teams combine to create powerful digital marketing

This year will be about the customer experience, with personalized, automated content creation playing a big role. In the e-commerce world, powerful content is what separates the great from the good. Stay ahead of the curve and increase conversions in 2019 by deploying Phrasetech’s Natural Language Generation technology to produce custom content to your targeted audience.

For information and updates on what we do here at Phrasetech, follow our blog to learn more about us as we continue to create dynamic content and take e-commerce and other industries by storm. Our friendly team is waiting to help you understand how our platform can be an integral part of your marketing team, so get in touch with us today.

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