The Rise Of The AI Technician

Despite the ongoing news roll about how the advent of Artificial Intelligence technology will severely impact the job market, the conversation is now shifting to the creation of new jobs in this new technological age.  With a flourishing technological field to master that yields limitless potential, one of the most exciting new roles will be that of the AI technician.

Paving the Way

If you happen to be building a company around an Artificial Intelligence technology, like we here at, you will know that the technology itself is not born out of the box with intelligence. The technology needs to be taught, nurtured, corrected – sometimes even scolded.  Well, maybe not scolded, but like with any youth, there are severe growing pains.  It is the role of the AI technician to help nurture and teach the technology to ensure its real-world application is useful.  In the nimble market of digital creation, these new experts will be paving the way for how we use, develop and master these technologies, thereby helping them reach their full potential.

Here at, our AI technicians are helping to build the world’s most advanced natural language generation engine. With a desire to help companies produce engaging and unique content at scale, our AI technicians are teaching our system to be knowledgeable about the products it writes about and, as a result, generate product copy at a quality and volume level not possible by humans alone.

A New Field

The power of AI technology is in the rapid interpretation of information, transformed into action. The interplay of data and the
frequency of events will ultimately determine how smart the technology can become. These systems need to be exposed to the complete range of possibilities, from the most common occurrences to fringe cases, to be as effective as possible in their respective applications.

Autonomous cars don’t just start driving themselves.  The companies developing autonomous car innovation can’t put a car on the road without a wealth of experiential information collected as data.  Technicians derive the data that powers this AI technology from millions of miles of driving with a person behind the wheel while recording video of everything the car “experiences” when on the road.  The AI technology then uses the video footage to learn how to drive the car.

The Next Generation

It’s the same here at Phrasetech; only the data we collect is product information. We collect information about every aspect of a product, across all industries, and bring this back to be interpreted by our Natural Language Engine. Once we feed the product information into the system, it is the AI technician who helps the system convert the data into high-quality copy that not only showcases the complexity of each product but can also engage a customer through dynamic and marketable content.

Our AI technicians are pushing the very edge of innovation in language generation technology, paving the way forward through constant learning, keen observation, and ruthless adaptability.

In an ever-growing market where much still is uncertain, those who take on these new opportunities – such as that of the AI technician – are laying the groundwork for new and exciting career paths.

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