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At Phrasetech, we tackle the most difficult challenges in the field of Natural Language Generation (NLG), pushing the boundaries of AI-powered content creation.

Reaching groundbreaking technological achievements, Phrasetech is the only automated content creation solution ready for the online world.

Our Process
Our system is designed to deal with the abundance of information available today, efficiently analyzing bulk amounts of data to produce sophisticated insights about any domain or field.
Applying knowledge gained in the analysis stage enables creation of a Semantic Generative Model, that contains deep contextual understanding of the specific domain.
We combine:
Semantic Model
The domain-specific contextual understanding enables optimal selection of topics to create insightful and engaging narratives.
Generative Linguistic Model
At the core of our technology sits a linguistic model that directs the synergy between the semantic knowledge and the grammatical, lexical andstylistic demands in the textual generation process.
Combining deep semantic understanding and the powerful Linguistic generative Model, along with editorial guidelines and formatting, result in sophisticated texts generated at scale
The generated content goes through our Evaluation Module to assess the texts’s compatibility and effectivenes, to ensure it optimally reaches its business goals
Our models are dynamic and highly configurable, so the content can be easily edited and tweaked.
High-Quality at Scale

Maintaining a high-level standard of human-like content, across millions of automated texts

Unprecedented Turn-Around Time

Quickly learning any business domain to produce content at unparalleled speed

Effective Content Control

Easily manage and update your content at minimal effort, while controlling parameters such as tone, length, phrasing and format

Unique Content, Avoiding Repetitions

Each text entry we create is one-of-a-kind, avoiding repetitive content even at scale

Efficient Data Processing

We deal with bulk amounts of structured or unstructured data, in any standard format

Create and receive content using our API or any standard protocol.

You can also keep track on your projects, and also manage, review and download your content with our Online Dashboard.

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