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Where Content Meets Data

Phrasetech’s platform combines the power of data science with eCommerce expertise. By using a scientific approach to content, we are able to generate thousands of unique text options to describe your products, as well as select top performing copies to display on your site.

Natural Language Generation

Our innovative approach to text creation is designed to create standout, tailor-made content at scale. Using novel AI technology, our system creates millions of different text options for all product categories. The result is full coverage of each of your products with unique, effective and engaging content.

Big Data Analysis

By measuring the response of users to our content, our system optimizes text to improve its effectiveness and increase business KPI’s. We employ big data analysis to tailor content to specific buyer personas, creating personalized text that actually makes an impact.

Full Product Data Extraction

We have developed sophisticated tools specifically designed to extract data for all product categories with expert precision. By applying advanced statistical methods, we turn the extracted data into insightful knowledge about the product in order to create smarter content that sells.

The next generation in content creation