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How do your customers and prospects find you online? Most likely, they are arriving through your advertising channels, social media platforms, or through an online search. Now that they have found you, thanks to your marketing efforts, it is time to get them to buy your product, service or technology. Good web design and branding fortified with enticing, detailed photos, and compelling, rich product descriptions for each item you offer, your epic product descriptions will convert visitors to sales. This article is about the importance of writing compelling, informative content for your product descriptions and how automated content creation can be the solution you’re looking for.

What is a product description?

Product descriptions are the content describing the features and benefits of your service, product or technology to visitors on your web site, with the goal of converting a visit into a sale. Writing a product description that is compelling and persuasive includes answers to all the questions first-time visitors might have when they view your brand. What problem does your item solve for them? What can they gain if they buy this product? Why should they buy from you? Your product description needs to address all of these top-of-mind sales questions in a way that is easy to understand.

Product descriptions for your own site are one thing; if you have resellers of your product, service or platform, you will also need to provide product descriptions for them. Now, if you’re thinking that you can just copy what you have on your site for all your resellers, you would be wrong. Read on to find out why the uniqueness of your product descriptions, whether they are on your site or another, is just as important as the quality.An infographic showing how use of different words can affect your product descriptions

How important are product descriptions?

Essential for ecommerce brands, product descriptions actually help increase sales for most types of products, services, and platforms. Surveys from Shotfarm and Salsify reveal that product descriptions have a high-ranking effect on a number of critical consumer attributes such as brand trust, shopping cart abandonment and returns. Helen Laggat at BizReport says “Survey respondents said product descriptions ranked first in regards to their decision to make a purchase, higher than reviews (second place) and price (third place).”  It makes sense; if you are shopping online and see a product with a poor description, your trust in the brand immediately degrades.

Can’t I Just Re-Use the Same Product Descriptions Everywhere?

From the retailer’s perspective, maintaining top quality, unique product descriptions across thousands or even millions of products is a daunting challenge. One common approach for generating text used in product descriptions is to use the product descriptions provided by the manufacturer. Unfortunately, this really is not a good idea. Search algorithms recognizing duplicate text on multiple sites will downgrade the ranking of those sites which impacts inbound traffic. If you are not using original text for your product descriptions, you could be penalized in terms of SEO, and no brand can afford that.

On the flip side, if you are the manufacturer, your retailers look to you to provide accurate, informative descriptions of your product, and it is in your best interest to do so. If you have many sales channels through different retailers like eBay, Amazon, and others, providing unique product descriptions for each one can really tax your resources.

Should I Write Product Descriptions Myself?

The burden of content creation for product descriptions definitely falls squarely on the enterprise, but often marketing teams are busy creating more opportunities and don’t have time to pay attention to the details of writing product descriptions. When it comes to writing effective product descriptions, employing automated content writing is the best, most efficient way to go. This is where Phrasetech excels, thanks to our highly advanced AI platform that generates natural language for product descriptions at scale, using your company data. Hundreds, thousands, or even millions of versions can be created for each item to allow for multivariate testing, an approach that tackles the challenges of creating quality product descriptions from multiple angles.

Automated Content Creation for Product Descriptions

Having product descriptions generated in your own voice produces unique language that is bespoke to your website, which increases SEO, and can translate into a 5 to 10 percent rise in inbound traffic. Additionally, taking an automated approach greatly shortens the time it takes to publish a new product live on your website. The Phrasetech engine produces the product copy in seconds, while giving you full control over the quality, tone, and style using your unique company voice.

However, speed and full control are not the only benefits; the cost savings for automated content creation are significant, ranging from 30 to 50 percent less compared to having product descriptions created manually by human writers.

Aside from the above benefits, the most impactful upside of automated content creation for optimized product descriptions is the marketing aspect and downstream revenue lift. Sara Berg from Shotfarm elaborated by saying, “The impact of poor product content on digital sales is most readily apparent in three areas: returns, shopping cart abandonment, and brand trust.

The quality of product data impacts all facets of the online retail business.”  Unfortunately, many retailers provide only boilerplate, fact-based text, using little to no marketing skills to enhance the descriptions and compel readers to turn into customers.

In fact, many retailers do the very minimum when it comes to copy, often listing basic specifications along with visual images.  This would be like salespeople who are running the floor of a brick and mortar shop addressing all the customers who walk through the front door in the same exact manner. To engage customers, you have to get on their level in the retail world, and the same principle applies for product pages.  

Phrasetech’s Product Descriptions

Phrasetech generates dynamic product descriptions by following our content marketing structure that considers important factors such as location, season, category, brand, referral source, age, language, and other relevant attributes. When creating product descriptions with automated content creation, Phrasetech follows these golden rules:

7 rules you should follow for higher quality product descriptions

Phrasetech will generate tens of thousands of potential marketing messages for every product you have in your database, and optimize between them to provide the best performing message.  As a result, conversion rates to “add to cart” can be 5 to 20 percent improved just by providing the visitor dynamic content marketing. Sara Berg reports the fact that richer product descriptions better informs buyers, giving them confidence when making a purchase from a webpage alone. This has a direct benefit to the number of returns that come back from purchases made with little or poor product descriptions.

For example, you would not buy a laptop computer from a set of photos alone or even from just a video. As a consumer, you would want to read about the specifications and features of the laptop. The same applies to fashion, which can even include recommendations on where to wear the garment, where it was made, what fabric was used, and more. Providing detailed information builds confidence that the product is right for them, lowering return rates and preventing a build-up of customer service calls.

The Phrasetech mission is to breathe life and intelligence into product descriptions. Think data-driven content optimized to attract a customer and convert them into a buyer and loyal brand follower.  As consumer trust and loyalty becomes increasingly more difficult to earn and retain, it only makes sense that one of the most important parts of your brand voice, the actual product copy, is anything but static, boring, and uninformative.

Mastering your company’s product descriptions does not require a team of specialists, just some smart innovation from Phrasetech. Our platform will turn your data into intelligent, informative product descriptions written to the perfect style and tone for your audience. Let your product descriptions speak for themselves and give visitors confidence to buy from you immediately and cut the over-hyped sales copy that turns readers off. Instead, let your product descriptions enhance your brand credibility with automated content creation from Phrasetech.

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